The Power of a Mindfulness Tool: Temporary Tattoos from Empower Avenue

The Power of a Mindfulness Tool

You might already know that I whole-heartedly believe in using tools to support my mindfulness practice.

I've written about using aromatic body mists from Combardis Elixirs, meditating with the Calm app and writing in a journal from Dailygreatness, because I truly love sharing my own experiences and inspiring people to find new, exciting ways to be more mindful.

I'm really excited to share another of my favourite mindfulness tools- something seemingly small, but with a whole lot of meaning!

Right now, I'm wearing a temporary tattoo on my wrist, which simply says BELIEVE. It might not seem like much, but let me say, this word has been an incredible source of inspiration this week! With the launch of my eBook, opening up my schedule for new clients, and reaching out to incredible people for collaborations, BELIEVE has been at the heart of every one of my actions. And all it takes is a quick glance at my wrist to remember that!

So, how exactly does this temporary tattoo support my mindfulness practice?

First of all, BELIEVE wasn't the only temporary tattoo I could have used. These gorgeous tattoos from Empower Avenue actually have five other words in the set, including BREATHE (another personal favourite!), LOVE, LIMITLESS, ACCEPT and DREAM. At the start of the week, I took a moment of mindfulness to ask myself “Which word is really resonating with me right now? What would I like to remind myself of?”. Knowing I had a big week ahead of me and how potentially intimidating it could be, I decided that BELIEVE would be the word to inspire, uplift and support me during this time.

Whenever I noticed this little word on my wrist, it reminded me to take a moment to tune into that feeling of believing in myself. Believing that I'm where I'm meant to be, right now. Believing that I have the most incredible support around me. Believing in whatever I need to, at that particular point in time.

Another fun and mindful way I've used these temporary tattoos was to wear them all at once and find new words which resonated throughout the day! When I was at yoga, BREATHE would jump out at me at the perfect times to remind me to tune into my breath. During my journalling practice at the start of the day, DREAM was the word I focused on. When things didn't go to plan and I was starting to feel stressed out, ACCEPT was the perfect reminder to stop fighting so hard and let things be.

Honestly, my journey with these temporary tattoos surprised me! I hadn't worn any in the past and I wasn't sure how they would support my mindfulness practice. However, I try many news things in the name of expanding my mindfulness practice (and because, if all else fails, I might have a good story to tell!), and with these tattoos, I found a simple, but truly meaningful, mindfulness tool.

To find out more about Empower Avenue and their gorgeous temporary tattoos, simply click here.

I'd love to hear which word resonates with you right now? BREATHE, LOVE, LIMITLESS, DREAM, ACCEPT, or BELIEVE?

Simply leave a comment in the section below, if you feel like sharing!