10 Tips For Starting the New Year Mindfully

Ten Tips for Starting the New Year Mindfully

Hello and welcome to episode 110 of The Mindful Kind podcast, featuring ten tips to help you start the New Year more mindfully!

Tip 1 is to wake up in the morning and before you jump out of bed, just absorb the moment.

Tip 2 is to do a journaling practice. You could listen to episode 40 of The Mindful Kind podcast, called Mindful Journaling, for more ideas on this if you like, but a simple technique is just to get a blank page and try to let your thoughts flow on to it. 

Tip 3 is to eat something mindfully. 

Tip 4 is to set yourself a goal (you might like to listen to the goal setting series of the podcast starting from episode 81) and then every time you work towards that goal, do so mindfully. 

Tip 5 is to do a body scan. 

Tip 6 is to use a breathing technique. 

Tip 7 is to stretch your body. 

Tip 8 is to mindfully nourish your body with water. 

Tip 9 is to use an aromatic mindfulness tool, for example, a candle, a meal, beauty products, dishwashing liquid (as you wash the dishes), or flowers.

Tip 10 is to use an affirmation.

I hope you have a wonderful start to the New Year!