Low Frustration Tolerance and a Meditation

Episode 128 Low Frustration Tolerance and a Meditation

Hello and welcome to episode 128 of The Mindful Kind podcast about low frustration tolerance. 

In this episode, you'll discover what low frustration tolerance is, how it contributes to stress and some mindful strategies for increasing your frustration tolerance, including:

  • Acknowledging thoughts in challenging situations without having to believe them (thoughts may include "I can't deal with this, I can't handle this, or I can't get through this")

  • Challenging those negative thoughts with truthful facts, such as "I've been through a similar situation before and I know I can get through this"

  • Taking some deep breaths or practising mindfulness to support yourself through difficult situations and feelings of frustration

  • Allowing yourself to feel however you need to feel without judgement

  • Noticing if there's anything you can be grateful for in that difficult moment

In this episode, you'll also hear a meditation called The Point of Stillness which begins at 5.40 minutes. 

Thank you for listening and I hope you have a wonderful week, Mindful Kind!