Specific Mindfulness Practices

Episode 132 Specific Mindfulness Practices

Hello and welcome to episode 132 of The Mindful Kind podcast!

In this episode, I've shared 8 specific tips to help you practice mindfulness in everyday life, including: 

  • Tip 1 is to look outside your bedroom window first thing in the morning

  • Tip 2 is to pay some attention to the warmth of a mug of coffee or tea in your hands

  • Tip 3 is to choose a task around the house and notice the difference from before you do it and after

  • Tip 4 is to stretch your body in some way and really savour the movement

  • Tip 5 is to use a breathing practice whenever you can feel yourself starting to become overwhelmed

  • Tip 6 is to give someone a mindful hug

  • Tip 7 is to appreciate the scent of a beauty product

  • Tip 8 is to notice the colours of nature.

I hope you have a wonderful week, Mindful Kind!