16 Ways to be Mindful in 2016: Part One

The Mindful Kind

Welcome to episode number 5 of The Mindful Kind podcast! With the New Year drawing rapidly closer, I decided to create a collection of my favourite mindfulness practices for you to take into 2016. In this episode, I've chatted about eight of my favourite practices, including how to do them and why they're useful. 

From being a mindful listener, to deep breathing, to noticing sensations in your body, I've explained really simple and practical ways to bring more mindfulness into your life. 

During the episode, I mention two particular mindfulness tools and I thought I would include share their links, in case you would like to check them out. One is a book called Calm, which you can find here and the other is the wonderful company, Combardis Elixirs (you can view their beautiful website here). 

I hope you enjoy this episode! If you do, please leave a comment or share a review on iTunes:) 

As I mention in the episode, I'm taking next week off to spend time with my family. The second part of 16 Ways to be Mindful in 2016 will be released on the 31st December, just in time for the New Year! Until then, have a wonderful, safe and mindful Christmas. 

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