All About Mindfulness


Welcome to the very first episode of The Mindful Kind! I'm so excited to be sharing this podcast with you! 

The Mindful Kind is all about mindfulness (as you may have guessed!). I'll be sharing plenty of my personal experiences, as well as practical exercises, interviews and exciting research throughout the series.

In this first episode, I've given a simple explanation of what mindfulness is and how it has changed my life. At the end of the episode, I've shared a simple breathing technique, which can be used anywhere, at any time, to bring you into the moment. 

I hope you enjoy listening to The Mindful Kind! I would love to hear your thoughts or questions about mindfulness, which I will endeavour to answer in future episodes.

If you would prefer to find this podcast in iTunes, simply search "The Mindful Kind" in the podcast section or click here. I would absolutely love to see your review in iTunes if you would like to share and show your support for The Mindful Kind! 

The Mindful Kind What is Mindfulness Rachael Kable
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