Common Mindfulness Challenges

The Mindful Kind podcast

In this episode of The Mindful Kind podcast, discover four common challenges when it comes to practicing mindfulness and my advice on what you can do!

When I asked my followers on social media what their common challenges were, the most popular answers were:

  • Getting started with a mindfulness practice when you don't feel like practicing it (even though you know you want to!)

  • Making conscious choices to be mindful instead of following old habits

  • Remembering to be mindful

  • Being distracted during your mindfulness practice

I also mentioned my eBooks, which you can find below to guide you through your mindfulness practice, with journaling prompts, my personal experiences and useful tips!

A Journey into Mindfulness: Your Twenty One Day Guide

A Journey into Mindfulness: Finding Fulfilment at Work

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I hope you have a wonderful week, Mindful Kind!

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