Comparison and Mindfulness

The Mindful Kind podcast

In this episode of The Mindful Kind podcast, discover how to use mindfulness to move forward from comparing yourself to others. 

A huge (HUGE!) thank you for all the wonderful new reviews on iTunes, the thoughtful comments on social media and emails I've received this past week. There aren't enough words to express how deeply grateful I am!

A quick tip from one of my listeners following the break-ups episode (number 44) is to create flower posies! I thought this was such a beautiful, creative and mindful activity that I was really excited to share it with the rest of my lovely listeners. Collect some flowers and create little bunches to remind yourself of all the support and beauty in your life. 

Three mindful tips for overcoming comparison:

  • Discover and know your own values, and regularly check in with them.

  • Smile and say an affirmation.

  • Mindfully celebrate yourself.

A final tip- be kind to yourself! We all feel comparison sometimes, but remember that feelings of comparison will pass. 

I hope you have a wonderful week, Mindful Kind!

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