Creating a Mindful Morning

The Mindful Kind

Episode 7 of The Mindful Kind podcast is all about creating a more mindful morning! 

Discover my favourite ways to bring more mindfulness into the beginning of your day, including tuning into the senses when you wake up, exploring mindfulness within your beauty rituals and enjoying a mindful breakfast.

In this episode, I've mentioned some wonderful mindfulness tools, including:

Aromatic Body Mist- Combardis Elixirs

Necklace- Violet Gray

Gratitude Journal- Kikki K

Dailygreatness Journal- Dailygreatness 

Just click on any of the product names above to check them out:) 

If you enjoy this episode of The Mindful Kind podcast, I would absolutely love to read your review on iTunes! 

Episode 7 Creating a Mindful Morning Rachael Kable The Mindful Kind
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