Mindful Adventures

The Mindful Kind podcast

Welcome to episode 51 of The Mindful Kind podcast!

In this episode, discover how to go for mindful adventures and why it can be fun, inspiring and meaningful to shake up our routines. 

Adventures don't always need to be expensive or grand! Find out a few different types of adventures, which you can do easily and without spending much money. 

Tips for going on mindful adventures:

- Make conscious decisions to go on mindful adventures

- Identify worried or hurtful thoughts about going on adventures and either take action or let those thoughts go

- Be curious: soak up as much as you can from your new experience

- Be conscious about allowing yourself to have different experiences (try not to make decisions on autopilot and go outside your comfort zone)

Your mindful mission: Go on adventure or plan one and schedule it into your diary!

I hope you have a wonderful adventure, Mindful Kind!

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