Public Speaking Tips


Hello and welcome to episode 103 of The Mindful Kind podcast and the third episode in the mini-series about communication!

In this episode, I've shared all my top tips for public speaking (by the way, I was terrified of public speaking for a really long time!).

1 // Feel whatever you need to feel and try to be non-judgemental

2 // Make decisions in advance (such as what you'll wear, how you'll travel to the event etc)

3 // Prepare for the possibility of forgetting your words

4 // Use memory tools, such as note cards, slides, or a workbook

5 // Use a mnemonic device

6 // Include interactive sections

7 // Start with something simple to talk about

8 // Use your hands

9 // Make eye contact

10 // Don't worry if people aren't paying attention

11 // Breathe

12 // Exercise the morning of your presentation

13 // Remember that you probably don't appear as nervous as you feel

14 // Balance out negative thoughts with positive thoughts

15 // Know that what you say matters!

I hope you have a wonderful week, Mindful Kind!