Stress, Panic Attacks and Mindfulness

The Mindful Kind podcast

In episode 43 of The Mindful Kind podcast, I share my thoughts and insights into stress and panic attacks and how to use mindfulness to manage them.

Learn more about panic attacks and where you can get extra support (for yourself or others) in the event of a panic attack, or any other case of strong anxiety. 

Discover three simple mindfulness techniques which you can use to calm yourself down, including a breathing technique I learned during my time on a helpline, affirmations (and how I used them myself during a stressful time) and an easy grounding exercise. 

For more support, head to the Australian Psychological Society website and use the section called 'Find a Psychologist.'

You can find me on Instagram @rachaelkable for more mindfulness tips and techniques and how I use them in my own life. 

I hope you have a wonderful week, Mindful Kind!

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