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Are you ready?


  • To use mindful and meaningful self-care practices to love yourself more?
  • To tap in to your creativity and productivity at work so you can get things done faster and have heaps more fun?
  • To discover your purpose and find genuine fulfilment at work?

The stunning second instalment of the "A Journey into Mindfulness" series is here to help you find more fulfilment at work, with exciting and powerful mindfulness practices!

A Journey Into Mindfulness

For only $20, this is a meaningful and affordable tool to help you become more mindful today!

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I love Rachael’s podcast so I was excited to dive into her new eBook: Finding Fulfillment at Work.

The daily challenges Rachael shares along with stories from her own personal journey make mindfulness accessible to anyone who is looking to begin their own practice and experience happiness and calm in their daily life. Even though I try to live mindfully each day, the challenges helped me be even more intentional about my practice and highlighted areas I hadn’t yet considered before. I found Rachael’s guidance each day to be beautifully nourishing, calming and uplifting. The challenges on mindfully using social media are wonderful and much needed as I often struggle with mindful consumption - I will definitely be using these tips moving forward.

I recommend the book to anyone looking to start a mindfulness practice or anyone who wants to be more intentional about incorporating mindfulness practices into their daily life to experience the joy of feeling fulfilled at work - regardless of your circumstances.
— Rachel Gadiel, Creative Director

Whether you're an experienced mindfulness practitioner or a beginner to the practice, this eBook will gently guide you to implement meaningful mindful exercises across twenty-one days. Not only will you read about my personal experiences with mindfulness at work and discover purposeful prompts, reflective questions, inspiring quotes and interesting mindful exercises, you will also have the chance to set mindful goals with the bonus goal setting section at the end of the eBook!

Within each of the three topics, you will find seven practical, fun and powerful mindfulness practices for being more mindful at work.

  • In the self-care section, you will find out how to create a mindful morning, get better sleep and journal to leave work at work.

  • Discover mindful activities like setting intentions, visualising and creating an inspiring work environment under the topic of creativity and productivity.
  • The fulfilment section includes mindful activities like collaborating, creating a vision book and celebrating your achievements.

This eBook has been thoughtfully written so you can find mindfulness at work, no matter what your job is or how you currently feel about it! Over the twenty-one days of mindful activities, you will have the chance to revolutionise the way you work by taking better care of yourself, tapping into creativity and productivity and finding genuine fulfilment.

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If you would like to download a sample copy of my eBook, simply click here to find out how! 

A gorgeous eBook written with so much intention, passion and authenticity - you can just feel Rach’s love leap off the page as you read each word. With daily practical activities and tips, I found this eBook to be an absolute gamechanger in the development of my own mindfulness practice. Who knew there were so many different, yet simple ways of practicing being completely present!! With my own mindfulness toolkit now jam packed with strategies to draw on at any given moment, mindful living each and every day is fast becoming a beautiful natural experience that I adore!
— Angela Bowe
A Journey into Mindfulness: Your Twenty One Day Guide has made me appreciate my home, surroundings and my life. My eating habits have changed because I’m focused on slowing down when eating and enjoying my food. I also no longer let guilt consume me when I allow myself a special treat. This beautifully written eBook has directed me to be fully present when communicating with someone which has, in return, helped my relationships to blossom. I love this eBook for how it has enlightened me and enriched my life
— Karen from Heartfelt Jewellery
I’ve read many ebooks on mindfulness to varying degrees of being ‘helpful’. Rachael has this special gift of just writing in such a relatable and non-preachy way. Her tips are all super simple, which for the modern day babe is essential. And what I love is that her tips make you feel you CAN do this thing called mindfulness. I have personally worked my way through some of the book and have recommended the actions to clients all with VERY pleasing results. I love that being mindful is easier than I thought and so much more achievable than I ever imagined. Gorgeous book- great information- super practical actions- incredible results. Buy this eBook!
— Sarah Tamburrini




How will I receive the eBook?

As soon as the payment process is completed, you will receive a link to download your copy. Simply click that link to open the eBook and save it somewhere safe. You will also be emailed the link, so don't worry if you miss the first one! Again, be sure to open the eBook and save it somewhere safe as the link will expire in 24 hours. If you've purchased the eBook and forgotten to save your copy, simply send me an email at hello@rachaelkable.com and I'll send you the link again. 


What if I don't receive the eBook link via email?

Sometimes, a little mistake in your email address means the link won't reach you via email. If this happens, simply contact me at hello@rachaelkable.com and I'll re-send it to you!


Do I have to print out the eBook to use it?

Nope! You can choose to print the eBook if you would prefer to, however the eBook has been created so that you can also fill it out on your computer. Simply open your saved copy and click on the boxes to type. 


What happens if I don't have time to fill out the eBook in three weeks?

That's totally ok! There is no pressure to complete the eBook by a certain time. Simply complete each day when you can and remember that this is your mindful journey, your way!