10 Unique Self-Care Ideas for Mindfulness and Relaxation

10 Unique Self-Care Ideas for Mindfulness & Relaxation

It’s been a long day and both your body and mind feel exhausted and depleted.

You’re ready to let go of the stresses of the last 24 hours and enjoy a little bit of time for yourself.

You have a simple choice; to turn on the tv and switch off for a few hours, maybe falling asleep on the couch and enjoying several cups of tea.

Or, you can choose a unique self-care activity and become present enough to experience the calm, relaxation and rejuvenation these activities can offer.

There’s no “wrong” choice here. It’s completely up to you what feels best in that moment!

However, if you do decide to engage in self-care and you’re a little stuck for ideas, here are some of my own favourite and unique self-care ideas which can help boost mindfulness and relaxation.


1: Lay down on your bed, supported by comfortable cushions and covered with a blanket. Dim the lights and pop in some headphones, so you can listen to some meditation music, such as meditones by Sonesence. Not only is this music deeply relaxing, it further enables a meditative experience by incorporating binaural beats! My favourite track is the 20-minute “Grounding” track on the Floating/Grounding album here.

2: Take a soothing bath and leave your phone in another room (and on silent!). You could even make your own bath salts or bath bombs to create different colours in the water and beautiful scents. This is the bath bomb recipe I use and it works a treat (plus, they’re super cheap to make!). However, I use a small amount of coloured mica instead of food colouring. 

3: Create a Pinterest board to inspire you! Some of my own boards include photography tutorials and tips, DIY craft projects and travel ideas for upcoming trips. This activity is great for when you're feeling lost, flat, or uninspired and you’d like to discover some wonderful ideas for your hobbies and interests!

4: Go to the library and borrow a couple of books. Make yourself a cup of tea, snuggle on the couch with a blanket and read for an hour (or longer!). Some of my favourite fiction authors include Sally Hepworth, Jodi Picoult, Vanessa Carnevale and Belinda Alexandra.

5: Start a mindfulness course using the Aware app*. Find somewhere comfortable and quiet to sit, pop some earphones in and press play! The meditations tend to involve a combination of mindful breathing, body awareness and they are a wonderful tool for relaxation. There’s also a section on breathing techniques, which are great for slowing down and letting go of stress! You can use the code AWARE50 to receive 50% your first purchase, too!

6: Do some gentle yin yoga in bed. After a long day, I love heading to bed a little earlier and taking some time to stretch out my body. I wear my pyjamas, turn on some gentle music, dim the lights and spend a few minutes in each of my favourite poses; child’s pose, butterfly, reclining twist (both sides) and savasana. I also like this Youtube tutorial for a little more guidance!

7: Write in a journal (or on a few sheets of paper) about everything you’re grateful for. Here are a few prompts to help get you started:

Who are the people in your life you’re grateful to know?

What are some of the memories you’re grateful to have?

List 20 things you can appreciate right now?

List 20 things you’re grateful to own?

Write about what gratitude feels like?

What can you appreciate about your personality/body/strengths?

To discover more about my favourite journals and journalling techniques, check out this episode of The Mindful Kind Video Blog. 

8: Use a mindful skin care routine to help yourself feel pampered and refreshed. I personally love Mukti skincare products because not only are they organic and natural, but they’re super gentle on my easily irritated skin.

My favourite skincare routine is to wash my face with warm water, a facecloth and the gentle foaming facial cleanser. I then use the 2-in-1 facial exfoliator and enjoy the sensations of the little beads and the fresh smell of lime. Once I’ve washed the exfoliator off, I use a neroli blossom mist toner and aloe vera moisturiser.

Having experienced painful cystic acne as a teenager (and the occasional painful break out even now) have seen me trying all kinds of harsh skincare products, which stung and irritated my skin.

After discovering Mukti, I’ve created a gentle skincare routine and I love that these products aren’t just great for my skin, but they provide some wonderful mindfulness opportunities with their difference textures and beautiful (and natural!) smells.

9: Do something creative! A few of my favourite activities include taking and editing photos, making bath bombs, writing, making a scrapbook (something I haven’t done in a while, but I’d like to get back into it!) and cooking new recipes.

Some other creative ideas include knitting, drawing, gardening, playing music, blogging, dancing, decorating your home, flower arranging, or singing.

10: Listen to podcasts. Choose a topic which interests you (I’m personally enjoying photography, writing and business tips at the moment!), type your chosen topic into your podcast app and find a new podcast to listen to for a while.

A few of my favourite podcasts include:

The Lively Show

The Brave Exchange

Let It Out

The One You Feed

10% Happier

And if you haven’t already, you might like to check out my podcast, The Mindful Kind, for short and sweet episodes about mindfulness, resilience, goal-setting, self-care, happiness, and much more!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some unique self-care ideas which are great after a long day to help promote mindfulness and relaxation. I’d love to hear which self-care idea you’ll be using in the comments below:)


*These are affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission from your purchase, at no added cost to you. I never recommend a brand, service, or product I haven’t used and loved myself!