101 Ways You Can Be More Mindful in Everyday Life


Welcome to this epic list of 101 ways you can be more mindful in your everyday life!

These practices are easy to do, quick, fun and meaningful and you can implement as many as you like into your day. If you've ever wondered how you can be more mindful, this is definitely the post for you!

1.    Feel the softness of your pillow under your head when you wake up

2.    Make the bed with intention

3.    Notice the sensation of the water hitting your skin as you take a shower

4.    Smell your shampoo, conditioner and soap

5.    Select your clothes based on what matches, where you’ll be going and the temperature of the day

6.    Eat your breakfast mindfully

7.    Taste the toothpaste as you brush your teeth

8.    Put on moisturiser, make up or sunscreen like a mini-massage

9.    Write down any important thoughts you might be having

10.   Feel the warmth of the water as you wash the dishes

11.   As you walk, notice your feet connecting with the ground

12.   Look at the sky and notice what’s unique about it at that moment

13.   Taste your morning coffee, water, tea, or hot chocolate

14.   Give a loved one a mindful hug

15.   Take a long, deep breath and notice the air moving in and out of your lungs

16.   Feel your feet slide into your shoes

17.   As you leave home, use an affirmation such as “I am welcoming fun, purpose and calm into my day”

18.   Notice 10 different colours in the world around you

19.   Roll your head a few times and feel the muscles in your neck lengthening

20.   Feel the sunshine on your skin

21.   Leave a thoughtful comment on someone else’s social media post

22.   Blink 5 times and pay attention to this simple movement

23.   Listen to a song and try to hear each different instrument

24.   Place your hands on your heart to feel it beating

25.   Smile at someone and say good morning

26.   Smell something nice- perfume, food, an essential oil or coffee

27.   Notice one emotion you’re experiencing

28.   Breathe in for 3 counts, hold for 3 counts, breathe out for 3 counts

29.   Send a thoughtful message to someone you care about

30.   Listen to one sound by nature and one man-made

31.   Notice something beautiful about each person you see

32.   Write down three things you’re grateful for in that moment

33.   Follow the movement of your hands as they do mundane tasks

34.   Correct your posture when you notice it’s causing any pain or discomfort

35.   Find five different textures in your environment

36.   Listen mindfully in your conversations with others

37.   Do a body scan

38.   Read a quote and process the meaning of it

39.   Place your hands on your stomach and feel your breath going in and out

40.   Acknowledge your purpose for working (whether it’s at your job, cleaning your home etc)

41.   When you drink, feel the glass or bottle between your hands

42.   Anytime you notice yourself feeling stressed, take a deep breath

43.   Look at all the different colours of green on a leafy tree

44.   Whenever you wash your hands, notice the temperature of the water

45.   Point and flex your toes a few times, feeling your muscles stretching

46.   Acknowledge something you appreciate about your personality right now

47.   Try urge surfing (feeling an unnecessary urge and allowing it to fade without acting on it)

48.   Engage in something creative and give it your full focus

49.   Softly massage your neck, paying attention to how it feels

50.   If you go shopping, ask yourself if you’re purchasing things you genuinely want and need

A-Happier,-More-Mindful-Life Guide

51.   Hone your observational skills by noticing at least one new thing every day

52.   When you eat lunch, describe each different flavour in your mind

53.   Listen to a podcast and take short notes to help you focus

54.   Say thank you to someone with genuine enthusiasm

55.   Try not to slam your front door closed- use the handle and close it gently

56.   If you hear an annoying sound, try not to judge it as “bad” and, instead, see if you can be curious about it

57.   When a loved one asks how you are, answer with genuine insight

58.   When you take your clothes off, consciously fold them and put them away or place them in the washing basket

59.   Eat a snack and focus on the flavour and texture of it

60.   Practise ujjayi breathing (creating an ocean sound with your breath)

61.   Go for a mindful walk

62.   Play with your pets or children with your full attention

63.   Brush your hair and pay attention to the sensation of the bristles on your scalp 

64.   Iron some clothes, noticing the warmth and texture of the material

65.   Take a bubble bath and look at all the different shapes of the bubbles

66.   Unfollow anyone on social media who doesn’t add value to your experience

67.   As you read a book, notice whenever your mind has wandered and bring it back to the words on your page

68.   Do a loving-kindness meditation

69.   Notice where you can most strongly feel your breath- in your nose, throat, chest or belly?

70.   Tell someone you love them and notice how love feels to you

71.   Throw out, recycle or donate clothes you don’t wear anymore

72.   Listen to the sound of your own laughter

73.   Kindly say no to things you don’t want to do

74.   Cut your toenails or paint them with nail polish, focusing on each nail carefully

75.   Acknowledge whenever you feel hungry or thirsty and listen to what your body needs

76.   Notice three signs of the season (for example, snow, no leaves on trees and people wearing warm clothes signifies winter)

77.   Visit somewhere new and savour the different experience

78.   Move your body, paying attention to the various sensations which arise

79.   Cloud gaze

80.   Acknowledge a thought you’ve been having regularly

81.   Have a digital detox

82.   Notice the details of a flower

83.   Subscribe to a blog or social media account which inspires you

84.   Watch the sun set

85.   Smell any spices or herbs as you cook dinner

86.   Feel the different temperatures as you move around your kitchen

87.   Pay attention to the different skills you use as you cook (chopping, mixing, following a recipe etc)

88.   Appreciate the food on your plate

89.   Do something nice for yourself

90.   Just sit still for a while, without expectations or judgement

91.   Write down ten things you’re grateful for about your home

92.   Close your eyes and pay attention to what you can see (darkness, flashes of colour, patterns)

93.   Give someone a thoughtful compliment

94.   Notice the stars and the moon

95.   Press your fingertips together for a few seconds

96.   Acknowledge when you feel tired and go to bed

97.   Consciously get dressed in to your pyjamas

98.   Appreciate the different aspects of your body and health

99.   Listen to the sound of your breath

100. Feel the warmth and comfort of your bed

101. Repeat the affirmation “I am safe, loved and supported”

Which three practices will you be trying today? I'd love to hear in the comments below!