Finding Mindfulness with Combardis Elixirs

Finding Mindfulness With Combardis Elixirs

When I first started thinking about what I love about Combardis, the name and the story behind it immediately came to mind.

If you're not sure what Combardis means, I wouldn't be too surprised! That's because when this incredible business was born, the founder used a word made up by her daughter, which meant “to be happy and healthy.” That word was Combardis.

Now, Combardis Elixirs is an established, inspiring and meaningful business, with a beautiful message and an amazing range of products.

I began using an aromatic mist crafted by Combardis Elixirs about 6 months ago and it has become one of my favourite mindfulness tools.

Every morning and after lunch, I take a purposeful breath and spray the mist over myself, breathing deeply and allowing my senses to bring me into the moment.

Sometimes, I like to simply focus on the smell, sometimes I like to say an affirmation and, sometimes, I bring my hands to my heart and feel it beating. This practice is grounding and relaxing, however, also uplifting and inspiring. It is the practice I often turn to when my thoughts are racing and I need a few seconds of clarity.

It seems so simple, yet this practice can be powerful. Think about how you feel when you come across your favourite smell. Does it bring cherished memories to mind? Does it provide you with a sense of comfort or safety? Does it give you time to simply be wherever you are and appreciate it?

Combardis Elixirs have beautifully woven this mindfulness practice into the heart of their products and offer a range of aromatic mists, including Love, Clarity, Harmony and Abundant Life (to name a few!).

I still remember opening the gorgeous package to find my Highest Potential mist and reading the affirmations attached to the bottle. I knew there had been so much thought and care put into creating this one, precious product, from the packaging, to the meaning of the mist, to the inspirational affirmations, which instantly made me smile.

I chose to share this story with you today because the most important thing I've learned along my mindfulness journey, is that the little things in life make all the difference.

Fresh blueberries.

Wearing my favourite necklace.

A good book.


Aromatic mists.


An inspirational vision board.

Watching the sun rise.

All of these things are beautiful opportunities to be enjoyed and savoured in the moment.

Becoming focused on to-do lists and goals and regrets and mistakes can easily take over our present and claim our special moments. As much as I love goal setting and reflecting, mindfulness is just as important to me and I whole-heartedly embrace things which allow me to practice it.

Perhaps if you're starting out in your mindfulness journey, you might like to make a list of some of your favourite things in life. Start to notice these things a little more and allow them to ground you in the present moment. After a while, you won't even need to remind yourself to be mindful, it will naturally happen.

You might realise that you've been totally enjoying those last few minutes of lying in bed in the morning, rather than dreading the idea of getting up and going to work.

You might find yourself breathing in the smell of your favourite meal as it cooks, rather than thinking about the things you didn't do that day.

You might be relaxing in the beautiful sunshine and feeling the warmth on your skin, rather than feeling guilty about not being busy.

These are just some of the mindfulness moments which I've experienced recently. What might yours be?

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