16 Interesting Ways to be Grateful

16 INTERESTING Ways to be Grateful

A mindset of gratitude is a beautiful and powerful thing. Gratitude can change a day of disasters into a learning experience and brings out the beauty in ourselves and the world around us. Gratitude allows us to enjoy simple activities, like eating and exercising, and reminds us why we fell in love with the special people in our lives.

The truly brilliant thing is, we can create gratitude ourselves. Below, you'll find sixteen powerful and creative ways to cultivate gratitude, so you can infuse it into this New Year.

1. Give yourself a hug!

Our bodies do amazing things for us, so let's show ourselves a little extra love. Wrap your arms around your chest and gently squeeze.

2. Keep a gratitude jar.

At the end of each day, write a short note about something that happened which you're grateful for. Fold it up and place it in a jar and before long, you will have a beautiful keepsake, filled with gratitude and memories.

3. Write a letter to a loved one.

Write a letter to a loved one and let them know why they are important to you. Sometimes, it can be easy to forget how special our loved ones are to us. Remind yourself (and them) just how lucky you are to have them in your life!

4. Eat mindfully.

Bring yourself into the moment while you eat by focusing on the colour, texture, smell and flavour of your food. We have such easy access to wonderful and nutritious food and that is definitely something to be grateful for!

5. Say thank you like you mean it!

Thank your barista, or the cashier at the supermarket, or your yoga teacher... These are the incredible people who provide great services for you and the rest of the world and they deserve to know how appreciated they are!

6. Show your gratitude for the abundance you receive.

Perhaps you find $2 on the street or your favourite top goes on sale the day you go to buy it- don't forget to smile and say a little thank you!

7. Feel thankful for the effort you put into that day.

Before you fall asleep at night, feel thankful for the effort you put into that day. Did you go to the gym or clean your bathroom or do a kind deed for someone else? Well, go you! Your efforts deserve a kind thank you.

8. Notice the beauty in nature.

There are so many wonderful things about nature, but they can be easy to overlook in the general busy-ness of life. Take some time to stop and smell the flowers!

9. Feel grateful for a lesson you've learned.

It can be difficult to say thank you for the hard times in life, however, these are often times when we can learn and grow the most!

10. Use social media for good!

Post a photo of your friend and tell them how beautiful they are and why they're a special friend to you. You can also shout out your favourite brand by sharing and tagging a photo of their product!

11. Acknowledge the little things.

Does your housemate always straighten the cushions on the couch? Maybe your partner offers to make you cups of tea? Does you mum call you once a week to see how you're going? Take some extra time for these seemingly little, but significant, things.

12. Think about the things in life which you are looking forward to.

Think about the things in life which you are looking forward to and feel grateful for them! It doesn't need to be a big holiday or your wedding- maybe you can look forward to your next yoga class or a catch up with a friend.

13. Reach out to someone who inspires you.

Reach out to someone who inspires you, such as your favourite author or the yogi you adore on Instagram and let them know how much you appreciate them.

14. Wear “gratitude jewellery.”

Choose your favourite piece of jewellery to represent gratitude and any time that you touch that piece of jewellery, take a moment to say a quiet thank you.

15. Give the gift of a compliment.

Show others that you appreciate their strengths by genuinely acknowledging those strengths out loud.

16. Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.

At the start of the year, sit down with your calendar and mark the important dates so you can be especially grateful for the people and relationships in your life.

Bonus tip:
(just because I'm grateful to you for reading all the way to the end!)


Be thankful to yourself.

You are unique. You are special. You are loved. You are wonderful. You are doing the best you can. Thank yourself for everything you've done to be the person you are today!