The Perfect Journal for Mindfulness: Dailygreatness Journal

The Perfect Journal for Mindfulness

After years of journalling, countless journals (20? 30? Maybe more...), inspiration, lack of inspiration, coloured pens, hand cramps and smudged fingers, I'm super excited to share some big news with you.

I've finally done it- I've found an awesome journal.

From the moment I received my Dailygreatness journal in the mail (ok, I'll be honest, from the moment I first discovered the gorgeous thing!), it's been inspiring me.

I started following Dailygreatness on Instagram and in the days before my journal arrived, their gorgeous photos were making me more and more excited about using it.

And as soon as I opened it up, I knew this journal would change my journalling practice for the better! Everything that I could have possibly hoped for, I found. Beautiful colours, thoughtful quotes, goal planning sections, questions about gratitude, different prompts on different days, special worksheets and meaningful check-ins.

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Every page is gorgeous. Every page is uplifting. Every page is fun and interesting and, potentially, life-changing.

I thought that, rather than simply telling you how wonderful this journal is, I would share an actual excerpt from today's entry (warts and all!). Here goes...

Checklist section: Meditation- check. Inspiration- check. Exercise- not check.

Today is my opportunity to...

Welcome inspiration, connect with the people I love, create a new chapter of my e-book and finish the “Things I Love” page for my website.

Today, I give thanks for...

The overwhelmingly supportive and enthusiastic response to our “Mindfully You” workshop!

Today I honour how I feel and...

I AM ready to listen to my body and needs

I AM accepting that this is the moment I need to be in

I AM replacing “force” with “flow”

I AM inspired to create

What was fun about today?

Connecting with a friend and planning our weekend adventure to the beach!

What was today's lesson?

Put my phone on silent when I take breaks from my work... I zoned out way too much when I spent time with my loved ones today, simply because I kept reading new emails as they came in.

What new behaviour can I adopt into my life?

I really need to drink more water. Head ache started at 2pm:(

What did I succeed at?

Writing! I wrote so many emails, finished my new website page, kept up with social media, wrote two new articles and planned my next podcast.

Yes, it was a hectic day and after reading over my entry, I feel like I need to bring some more balance into my life! However, I also felt inspired and motivated today. I really believe that creating space for myself to journal at the start and end of the day played a huge role in my positive mindset and helped a great day unfold.

Also, I now have a record of this day and that makes me really happy! One of my intentions for the new year is to treat every day like it is special and meaningful (because each day is special and meaningful!) and, by journalling each day, I bring that intention to life.

I especially love how the questions in this journal help me uncover the reasons why each day is special and meaningful.

The Dailygreatness journal states that it is to be used “For Consciously Creating Your Days” and I have to say, that is exactly what it does. So if being more mindful is one of your goals for this year, I absolutely recommend checking out the Dailygreatness journal here.* If rocking a business or journalling about yoga would be more your style, you'll find specific journals to do that, too!

If you have any questions about using this journal or you would like to share your own journalling experience, I would love to hear from you in the Comments section below:)