Create a Mindful Morning to Inspire a Mindful Day

Create a Mindful Morning to Inspire a Mindful Day

Mindfulness is a practice I'm incredibly passionate about, not only because it has deeply impacted and transformed my life and mindset, but also because I've seen the positive influence it's had on the lives of others.

Before you add “mindfulness” to your never-ending list of things to do, please read the rest of this article! Mindfulness doesn't need to be another task on that list- instead you can simply choose to be more mindful as you go about your day.

So what does “being mindful” actually mean?

Mindfulness is being aware of the current moment and being present in it, with curiosity, openness and non-judgement. For example, when you first wake up in the morning, you can lay there for a few minutes and think about the day ahead, already feeling increasing pressure or stress. Or, you can practice mindfulness by tuning in to your senses and noticing what you can see, hear, smell and feel.

  • What can you observe in your room, in this safe space of yours?

  • Do you have an inspiration wall, meaningful photograph, or vision board nearby?

  • Can you hear birds or traffic outside?

  • Is it raining, windy or stormy?

  • How does your pillow smell? How does your skin feel?

  • Are you warm and comfortable?

Even as we lie in bed, there are so many experiences we can tune in to by simply using our senses.

You can also become aware of your breath and the way it softly moves in and out of your body. Using the breath is a great way to be more mindful, as our breath is always with us. For a quick and simple mindfulness practice, take a deep breath, feeling your body expand and fill up, then release the breath and let go of something, like a hurtful thought or an area of tension in your body.

When we're preparing for the day ahead, we can continue being mindful. Beauty routines can provide an incredibly self-loving time for us to be mindful and appreciate ourselves. As you put on moisturiser, rub it gently into your skin, like a massage. When you brush your hair, tune into the feeling of the soft bristles on your scalp. If you look in the mirror, take a moment to appreciate your body for all the work it does to keep you alive.

We can spend so much time caught up in the way our bodies look and forget to be grateful for all the work they actually do!

Mindful eating can also be a lovely way to start the day. As you eat your breakfast or enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, deliberately notice the different aromas, flavours, textures and sensations.

  • Is your breakfast sweet, salty, rich, or subtle?

  • Is it crunchy?

  • Does it smell comforting or inviting?

  • Is it warm or cool?

  • Again, you might like to tap into your sense of gratitude for being able to afford your breakfast, or for having the time to sit and enjoy it.

To find out more about mindful eating check out my article simply titled Mindful Eating.

If you have time, you can also journal in a way which brings you into the now. Perhaps, you can notice what you're feeling or thinking. Maybe you would like to write about the things going on around you, in that moment. You could note several things you're grateful for. Whatever feels good to write in that moment, just write it!

Last, but certainly not least, spend meaningful time with your loved ones. Whether you stop to give your partner or child a hug, or give your pet a moment of attention, try to become present in that moment and appreciate what your loved one means to you. The worries and stresses and to-do lists can seem overwhelming at times, however the wonderful fact that there are people (and animals!) in your life who love you, is something you can choose to remember and appreciate as you spend a mindful moment with them.