ALIGNED: A Heartfelt Thank You and Beautiful Highlights

ALIGNED: A heartfelt thank you and beautiful highlights

I can't start writing this article without first saying the biggest, biggest thank you. The ALIGNED one-day retreat yesterday was brought to life with the help of so many awesome people and I'm incredibly grateful.

First of all, an epic thank you to my gorgeous, soulful and talented co-host (and coach, blogger, podcaster and beautiful friend!), Sarah Jensen. A few months ago, ALIGNED was a tiny idea which blossomed into something both of us dreamed up with all the passion, love and excitement we had.

This day was made even more special with the wonderful help of the stunning venue, The Windsor Workshop, the gorgeous floral decorations from Tillda Flowers, delicious treats from Citizen Cacao and our amazing event photographer, Mon from MB Captured. I'm so very grateful for all the incredible support we received - everyone went above and beyond to help us create the event we dreamed of (and I highly recommend all of these wonderful businesses wholeheartedly!)

A huge thank you to each of our generous sponsors, including:


  • Peppermint Magazine who provided three beautiful editions of their magazine for everyone to choose from!

  • Combardis Elixirs who gave everyone an amazing 'Highest Potential' aromatic mist.

  • Davroe, with their incredible hair bibles containing four wonderful hair care products (cruelty free, vegan, gentle on the body and environment and 100% Australian owned and made!).

  • Soak Society who provided a luxurious wellness soak- which already smelled delicious through the bag!

  • Inspirationery who gave everyone three of their beautiful notebooks to journal in (and I was very excited to share a mindful journalling technique during the workshop to put these notebooks to great use!).

  • Madame Flavour who provided two delicious teas to choose from, including choc mint rooibos and orange choc ceylon (and yes, they were seriously tasty and most of the guests cracked open a box for afternoon tea!).

  • Shops for Shops, who provided beautiful gifts for everyone to keep!

And, of course, an enormous thank you to every woman who came along and shared this beautiful day with us. It was absolutely amazing to meet so many lovely people and take the time to connect and share with each other.

I was overwhelmed by the honesty, bravery and kindness within the room and felt so honoured to be part of it!

With all that said, here are a few highlights I would love to share...

  • Oh, the atmosphere. The natural light, the table decorations, the food, the space, the warmth, the smells from the soft candles and delicate flowers. It was even more beautiful than I imagined and made me feel completely comfortable and at ease.

  • Sharing my stories. I never really know what I'll want to talk about on the day, but the warmth of the wonderful guests encouraged me to dig deep and let myself be vulnerable. Looking back, I'm surprised by what I felt inclined to share, from the strange and comical, to the deep and meaningful. I didn't hold back and I'm glad.

  • Rocking my goals. Sarah's inspiring goal-rocking session gave me a great opportunity to take a look at my own life and figure out what is truly important to me! I originally expected to set some business goals and was pleasantly surprised by the general life and wellbeing goals which ended up in my workbook. Sarah is such a soulful and thoughtful presenter and it was incredible to watch her in her element, sharing with everyone just how meaningful and aligned goals can actually be!

  • Leading several meditations. There is something so special about seeing everyone close their eyes and begin tuning into their breath. Over the years, breathing has been so very important to me and I'm really passionate about guiding people to experience calm, relaxation, clarity and focus. I also loved showcasing the different types of meditations, visualisations and breathing techniques I've discovered along my journey and encouraging everyone to explore what suits them best.

  • Setting up the beautiful gifts from our brilliant sponsors! We couldn't wait for our guests to arrive and discover the goodness waiting for them.

  • Enjoying delicious food and treats! The Windsor Workshop kicked off the day with hot tea, coffee and fresh fruit and we had lunch catered by Elizabeth Andrews, who provided a tasty selection of salads. In the afternoon, we enjoyed beautiful treats (in both looks and taste!) from Citizen Cacao and we were blown away by the generosity of the gorgeous woman behind this soulful company.

  • It was absolutely amazing to meet everyone, especially after connecting with quite a few women online. As much as I love building friendships over social media, there's nothing quite as beautiful as meeting in real life (and, maybe, sharing a soulful hug!).

  • A personal highlight for me was standing in front of these wonderful people and feeling like I could be myself. As always, my hands were a bit shaky and I felt short of breath when I first started speaking, but after a while, I eased into it and relaxed. However, I didn't ever feel the need to hide, I didn't feel ashamed. Public speaking might be hard for me, but every time I do it, I feel stronger and more confident in myself.

  • Sharing this wonderful day with my co-host (and amazing friend!), Sarah. Before I launched my business, Sarah was already cheerleading me and we have supported each other in our entrepreneurial journeys, with exciting highs and challenging lows. A few months ago, we finally met in person and decided to go on this adventure together! Hosting a workshop isn't easy (especially when your co-host lives in a different state!), but Sarah and I knew what we wanted to do and supported each other every step of the way.

Once more, thank you to every single person who was involved in ALIGNED, from the wonderful guests, to the businesses we teamed up with, to the friends and family who supported us in bringing this beautiful dream to life.