How to Combat Loneliness and Isolation: Discovering Your Supportive, Mindful Community

How to Combat Loneliness and Isolation: Discovering Your Supportive, Mindful Community

Once, there was a caveman who didn’t enjoy the company of his cavepeople.

He decided to go away on his own and live a quiet life, completely cut off from human interaction.

The caveman struggled to build a small dwelling to shelter him from the harsh elements of nature. During the day, because of his limited skill set, hunting and finding food was a struggle. While trying to gather bird eggs he fell out of a tree and badly injured his leg. Over time, the caveman became slow as a result of his injury and was unable to gather food sources for himself. One cold night while the caveman was trying to sleep, a predator was able to sneak up on the caveman and attack him. Nobody was there to warn the caveman, nobody could help fight the predator and because the caveman was alone, he was the only target.

The truth is, human beings are hard-wired to connect with others for a reason: It helps us survive.

Interaction, support, like-mindedness, connection and socialisation are important aspects of our lives and we tend to thrive off it.

Even as an introvert, I love being part of a group and connecting with others. I need my alone time to recharge, but I feel lonely and isolated if I cut myself off for too long!

Being part of a community is a great way to feel supported on your journey through life and I’ve written this post so you can find mindful, like-minded people to enhance your experiences of mindfulness.

Not everyone is keen to learn about mindfulness, and that’s ok. Not everyone is interested in listening to rock music or wearing denim, either! We may seek connection, but that doesn’t mean we are all the same.

Some of your friends and family may love talking about mindfulness, or learning more about it with you. That’s great! You already have a little community to be part of.

However, you may need to find other communities which you can join yourself! I highly recommend going along to workshops, conferences, retreats, or support groups to meet like-minded people. You can also connect with like-minded people online, via courses and social media!

Where to find like-minded people. . .


On social media

I personally love using social media. For years, it has connected me with people who have inspired me, taught me new things and become my friends. It’s allowed people in my community to follow my journey and I’ve been able to share my experiences and knowledge with them.

When used consciously and intentionally, social media is a powerful tool for connection!

Follow people who motivate you and help you learn. Leave thoughtful comments and interact with other people. Set good boundaries and explore how to use social media so that it fulfils you, rather than drains you. Search for hashtags on the topics you’re interested in to find new people.

Also, if you would like to follow me on social media, you can find me on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook!


In person

You can attend conferences, workshops, meditation classes, wellness events, retreats, or yoga classes to meet other people in person. I’ve often found that the most rewarding part of attending live events like these isn’t always the education- it’s the opportunity to meet people and truly connect!

I like to sign up to the mailing lists of yoga studios to stay up to date about workshops and upcoming retreats and I also check in with The Daily Guru events page to discover different opportunities to attend events.


Enrol in a course

There is an abundance of online courses which not only offer incredible content and education, but also the chance to become part of a great community.

Why not check out the websites of some of your favourite authors, podcasters, or bloggers and see if they offer a course?

You might also like to join my email list here as I’m currently working on a course about mindfulness (and my email list will be the first to hear about it!).


Facebook group

Because Facebook Groups offer such accessible methods of connecting, it can be a great way to meet new (and like-minded!) people. A wonderful aspect of Facebook Groups is that they often have group guidelines, which can help create safer and more interactive spaces! You can find Facebook Groups on many different topics; you can join groups about creativity, business, fitness, fashion, or any other area you may be interested in.