5 Inspiring Ways to Use a Blank Journal

5 Inspiring Ways To Use A Blank Journal

Do you have a beautiful, blank journal you absolutely love, but you’re just not sure how to use it? 

Discover inspiring, meaningful and interesting ways to create a journaling practice you’ll truly look forward to with these 5 practical tips!


1. Collect your favourite recipes

Cut recipes out of magazines, write them in bullet points on coloured pieces of paper, print them out, or even create a section to direct you to your favourite cookbook recipes! 

You might like to divide your journal into sections for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts, or write down every daily meal so you can flick to any page and have a balanced meal plan laid out for you!

2. Practise gratitude

Keep your journal beside your bed and either when you wake up or before you go to sleep at night, write down 5 to 10 things you feel grateful for. 

These could be simple things you might not normally notice, such as the warmth of your bed or the comfort of your pyjamas. 

Or, you can write about special people in your life, fun things you did that day, or opportunities ahead of you. 

Try to be creative, too! Is there a challenging lesson you can be grateful for? A person who said something critical, which helped you grow stronger? An aspect of your personality which came in useful?

3. Keep a movement log

Use your journal to log your movements from yoga classes to walking your dog. 

Focus on the movement you do in your daily life and rather than looking at exercise as a task or part of your to-do list, start to look for inventive ways you can move your body in ways you genuinely enjoy. 

Other movements you might describe in your log include taking the stairs instead of the elevator, going to a class at the gym, doing some gentle stretches on your lounge room floor, walking to work, lifting things, household jobs (like vacuuming and sweeping), shopping and so much more. 

By taking the time to acknowledge our movements, we cultivate a mindset of growth and achievement (which can be much more fun that criticising ourselves for what we didn't do, or focusing on the goals we haven't achieved!).

4. Create a vision book

Similar to a vision board, creating a vision book involves collecting images and quotes to inspire you. However, the great thing about a vision book is you can continue adding to it as you discover new things and take it with you (such as when you go to work, or when you travel). 

At the top of each page, create a topic and paste your images and quotes relating to that topic on the page. 

Some of the topics I used were travel inspiration, happiness, fun things to do, books I love, tea (my favourite brands and flavours and pretty teacups!), hair ideas and more!

Note: Stuck for inspiration? Have a look on Pinterest! Type your favourite things into the search bar and prepare to be amazed by what you’ll find!

5. Strengthen your meaningful memories

At the end of every day, I climb into bed, grab a pen and my journal from the bedside table and I write down everything I really want to remember from that day. 

I decided to start this practice when I realised how easy it was to forget all the little, yet meaningful, things which happen to me on a daily basis. Memories like catching up with a friend over coffee and having a great laugh. Going to the beach and playing cricket with my family. Discovering a different flavour of delicious tea. Reading a new review of my podcast. Listening to my favourite song and dancing around the house. 

These little memories are so special at the time, but amidst all the other things happening in our lives, they can easily be forgotten. 

By writing them down, not only do we strengthen these memories in our minds (making them easier to remember), but we create a beautiful keepsake of meaningful things which happen to us in our daily lives.

How will you be using your journal?