3 Journals You Can Use To Enhance Your Wellbeing

3 Journals You Can Use To Enhance Your Wellbeing Rachael Kable

Keeping a journal is something I’ve done since I was a little girl, but it’s not a practice I’ve always enjoyed.

I’ve gone through phases of using too many journals at once. I’ve started journals and lost interest in them. I’ve tried journaling techniques that didn’t resonate with me.

When I was a teenager, I filled my journals with self-doubt and frustration and loneliness and every time I wrote in them or read over them, I felt sad. I didn’t know how to write in a way that made me feel better – instead, I perpetuated my own anxieties and made myself more and more worked up.

These days, I don’t have a perfect journaling practice. But I do have three different journals that I use to enhance my wellbeing and create positivity and joy in my life. Even when I forget to write for a few days, I know that I can come back to my practice and pick up where I left off.

I appreciate these journals because they add value to my life in different and meaningful ways. I’m excited to share them with you and to give you a little sneak peek into my own journaling habits!

I use my Curation journal by Saint Belford primarily for organisation. I write appointments, meetings and deadlines in there and I often create to-do lists for the day ahead.

To look after my health and wellbeing, I love the Artist of Life Workbook by Lavendaire. It has great habit tracking systems and meaningful monthly check-ins.

Finally, I use The 6-Minute Diary by Urbestself to focus on gratitude and happiness in my life.

Here is a deeper look into how I use these journals and some tips and techniques you can try yourself!

Curation by Saint Belford

This is the second Curation journal I’ve had – I used the 2018 Curation every day that year and I was so excited to dive into the 2019 version.

What I love about this journal is its simplicity. It has everything I need, without being overwhelming.

I especially love the daily to-do list sections, the monthly calendars (I write all my appointments there) and the space to jot down a few things about each day (which I use to write down a memory).

You might be wondering why I love writing down a memory about each day and the answer is simple – I love having a keepsake filled with meaningful memories. I can pick up my journal at any time, flick it open to any date and find a meaningful memory from that day.

Organisation journaling tip…

Create a “dream” to-do list and a “realistic” to-do list. Write your biggest priorities on the realistic list and if you get through them all, make a start on the dream list. This is a great way to stop your to-do list from becoming too overwhelming!

Artist of Life Workbook by Lavendaire

The first thing to know about this journal is that it will start your year with so much intention. I spent a few hours filling it all out at the start of 2019, with a delicious couple of teas and some great music. It was a brilliant way to kick off the year!

Now that I’ve been using the Artist of Life Workbook for several months, I’ve found it to be a wonderful tool in keeping track of my health and wellbeing.

It allows me to set goals for the month ahead and then actually track those goals and review them once the month is over.

This is a great journal to use if you want something simple and easy – each day, I just tick off the habits I completed and at the start of each month, I set some new goals (and reflect on the previous months’ goals).

I also really enjoy using the bucket list! At the start of the year, I wrote down 100 things I wanted to do and I’ve been slowly checking them off.

For example, I’ve re-potted a plant, gone on a picnic, donated to a charity and been a guest on a podcast. A few things I’m yet to do this year – make a photobook, go cross country skiing, bake cookies and photograph a waterfall.

Health journaling tip…

Set realistic health goals – these goals should challenge you but not to the point where you hate having to do them! Find a nice balance between enjoyable and challenging. Then, you can build up your goals over time at a pace that works well for you.

The 6-Minute Diary by Urbestself

Reasons why I love this journal…

-It’s undated, so I don’t feel guilty when I miss a day or two (and you can start it any time of the year)!

-There are several weekly questions, which change from week to week. I really enjoy the variety!

-There is a section to write down a good deed for each day – what a truly wonderful feature to have in a journal.

The 6-Minute Diary has a morning section and an evening section for each day, with prompts such as “This is how I’ll make today great…” and “How I’ll improve…”. It’s a great journal to help you start the day in a positive way and to reflect meaningfully at the end of the day, too!

Another thing to note about this journal is that it contains almost 70 pages of really helpful information about different journaling techniques and why they’re so beneficial. I found it very inspiring and interesting to read!

Happiness journaling tip…

Write about gratitude. This is a fantastic way to encourage yourself to focus on the good things in your life and also creates a great resource to look at whenever you feel a bit down. Simply write down two or three things you’re grateful for each day (or week).

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my three favourite journals and some journaling tips!

Please note that while this isn’t a sponsored post, I was gifted these journals from the wonderful small businesses who created them. Thank you to Saint Belford, Lavendaire and Urbestself for helping me create my ideal journaling practice!