The Meaningful Mindfulness Workshop, September 2016: Melbourne

The Meaningful Mindfulness Workshop

On September 24th, 2016, I hosted the Meaningful Mindfulness Workshop for an amazing group of women at The Windsor Workshop.

As I write this wrap-up, I’m flicking through the beautiful photos my photographer (the lovely Mon from MBcaptured) just sent through.

I’m completely overwhelmed by how special this workshop was.

Not only was it my first solo event, but I was incredibly lucky to have the support of wonderful, generous people and the opportunity to share my passion and my knowledge about mindfulness.

However, this workshop wasn’t about me. This workshop was about all of the incredible women, who made the decision to come along and learn and grow together.

The safe space they created for each other to be vulnerable, to share their stories and to offer support was such an incredible thing to witness. Words can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am.

We set mindful intentions together, played senses games to discover the richness of each moment, shared our fears and used affirmations with open hearts.

I talked about my journey with stress and the catalyst which made me realise I couldn’t live with it anymore.

We drank tea mindfully (thank you Madame Flavour!) and enjoyed the deliciousness of Doughboys Doughtnuts.

I guided everyone through three different meditations (and my favourite visualisation) and, as I always do, I found out who preferred which meditation. As usual, there was a wonderful mix of preferences, supporting my belief that we can tailor our mindfulness practices to suit our individualities!

We shared some of the things we’re grateful for, from our possessions to our personalities.

A personal highlight for me was hearing about mindfulness techniques and ideas these wonderful ladies had learned from my podcast. When I started The Mindful Kind almost a year ago now, I had no idea the positive impact it would have and how many kind-hearted, thoughtful and compassionate people it would attract.

I can honestly say that I’ll be cherishing so many wonderful memories for a long time to come!

Such a huge thank you (and heaps of love!) goes out to all the people and businesses who supported this workshop- please do click on their names below to find out more about them. I chose to work with these people because they offer mindfulness tools which I use in my own mindfulness practices and I’m so glad I was able to share their work with my guests!

Heartfelt Jewellery, who created two beautiful candles, as well as a meaningful key ring, for each guest.

Combardis Elixirs, the wonderful brand behind the gorgeous “Highest Potential” aromatic mists.

Inspirationery, who kindly offered their stunning and socially conscious notebooks.

Pana Chocolate, for their raw, organic, handmade chocolate (which is absolutely delicious!).

Peppermint Magazine, for their meaningful magazines, filled with inspiring stories and beautiful pages.

And of course, Madame Flavour Tea and Doughboys Doughnuts, who created an amazing mindful tea drinking and eating experience.

To wrap it all up-


Beautiful people, mindful activities, delicious treats, relaxing meditations, meaningful conversations and heartfelt connections.

And, finally, to all the wonderful guests- one final (huge!) thank you- thank you for laughing with me at my strange little stories (Moose was glad to hear about his mentions), thank you for sharing with grace and openness, thank you for creating a beautiful energy I could feel all the way down to my bones, thank you for learning with open-mindedness and courage and thank you for just being your wonderful selves.