Mindfully You Immersion- Yoga, Mindfulness and Connection

Mindfully You Immersion

On the morning of the Mindfully You Immersion, I set the intention to connect.

I hoped every one of our special guests (including my beautiful co-host and our wonderful caterer!) would feel included, valued and supported and I was so excited for us to create a memorable day together.

The Immersion began with Amber's relaxing and soft yoga flow class and I savoured every second of it! Amber is such an amazing teacher and gently guided everyone through the movements and meditations. (Click here to connect with Amber on Facebook!). When it was time for the mindfulness session, I was feeling incredibly calm and clear!

The Mindfully You Workbook was filled with simple, practical and meaningful mindfulness practices and I was so grateful to have a supportive and interactive group of women to share it all with.


I felt so comfortable sharing my journey with mindfulness and guiding everyone through my favourite visualisations, meditations and breathing exercises.

Lunch was prepared by our wonderful caterer and she created a delicious and nourishing lunch of broccoli, sweet potato, tiny tomatoes, chickpeas, red cabbage, kale and wild rice, with a light miso dressing and sesame seeds! We enjoyed infused waters with combinations of strawberry, mint, cucumber, lemon and kiwi fruit. It was amazing to sit outside and connect with each other, with a gorgeous view of the mountains and a table laden with beautiful flowers. The laughter could have been heard from miles away, so it was lucky we were surrounded by open space, farm land and mountains!

After such a wonderful lunch, I couldn't wait to dive back into the second mindfulness session and share more of my favourite practices, including mindful walking, gratitude journalling and listening mindfully. We ended the session with a special thank you to our incredibly generous sponsors, Combardis Elixirs, Pana Chocolate, Madame Flavour, Inspirationery and The Organic Touch, who provided gorgeous gifts for everyone to take home!

To end the afternoon, Amber led everyone through an absolutely divine yin yoga session. After an hour of intentional, conscious movements, the Mindfully You Immersion was almost over, but we had one more surprise in store for our special guests...

Our talented caterer had prepared an amazing raw dessert, which was absolutely delicious! We slowly sipped cups of Madame Flavour Tea and enjoyed our treats as the sun started to set behind the mountains. With generous hugs and plenty of smiles, we all said our good byes and continued on our journeys, a little more relaxed and mindful than we were before.

Such a big thank you to everyone who took part in this beautiful day and created beautiful memories at our first Mindfully You Immersion!