Monthly Mindful Musings: Mindfulness Inspiration for Anyone Who Wants to Be More Mindful

Mindfulness Musings: Inspiration for Anyone Who Wants to be More Mindful

Welcome to the Monthly Mindful Musings!

I’ll be sharing my favourite mindfulness resources, insights into my own practices, real experiences of mindfulness and inspiration for anyone who wants to live more mindfully in simple, meaningful and interesting ways.

During a road trip to my hometown I realised that rather than letting my mind wander to the past or future and disconnecting from the present, I was soaking up the moment via my senses and appreciating the music and chatting with my partner. I was curious about my surroundings and noticed the swollen clouds, the subtle blue of the sky and the vibrant yellow of canola fields.

It might not sound like much, but I felt genuinely happy. I felt free.

Car trips used to be my opportunities to shrink into my shell and let my mind run wild. Sometimes, that was a good thing! I could discover new creative ideas or reflect on things to learn more about myself. However, more often than not, I would become stressed. I’d think about things I couldn’t fix, let my critical thoughts shut me down, or imagine the worst outcomes for upcoming situations.

My hope for this Monthly Mindful Musings is that I can share more of my personal experiences and learnings from my mindfulness journey to show how simple and easy being mindful can be.

If the road trip showed me anything, it’s how meaningful mindfulness has been for me, but also how simple and uncomplicated it is. It’s not necessarily about doing a formal mindfulness practice, but letting ourselves become more mindful regularly throughout our days.

And I hope this series of Mindful Musings will help you do just that!


My favourite articles


What’s Really Important?

Being more mindful has helped me to make more conscious choices, especially about how I spend my time and who I spend it with. I regularly check in with my wants and needs and listen to my intuition. In this inspiring article by Chloe from One Infinite Life, learn how she makes conscious and empowered choices by asking herself what is truly important. I think this is such a meaningful and gentle way to help us move closer to being the people we want to be, in a mindful way.

7 Ways to Feel Content With Your Life Right Now. 

Mindfulness has played a major role in helping me feel accepting of where I’m at in life, rather than chasing happiness (and being afraid of losing it whenever I felt it!) or always hoping that the next life milestone will satisfy me. Catherine from The Blissful Mind wrote a wonderful and holistic piece about seven ways to find contentment (including cultivating a mindfulness practice!), which you can read here. There are also plenty of wonderful resources linked within this article, so I’d recommend brewing yourself a cup of tea and going for an explore…

‘How to Be Mindful’ tips and missions

Below, I’ve shared a few of my favourite ways to be mindful with simple missions to help you incorporate them into your own life!

Tip one:

Have fun with someone you love. Mindfulness can be so much more than repetitive, structured and stagnant practices! Sometimes, just doing something you enjoy with someone you care about will naturally bring you into the moment and allow you to be mindful without much effort at all.

Mindful Mission

Go on an adventure with someone you love! Visit a new café, go to a park you haven’t been to before, drive to a new suburb or a different town, or do something you might not normally do together (such as cooking a meal or grocery shopping). Whenever you notice your mind wandering, bring it back to the moment by mindfully listening to the person you’re with, talking about the environment and the things you can see, noticing what you have to be grateful for and immersing yourself in new experiences.

Tip two:

Re-discover a hobby or activity you enjoyed when you were younger. This month, I went down to the library and borrowed a pile of fiction books. I spent hours reading as a child, but somewhere between studying and work, I stopped making time for it.

Re-discovering this simple hobby has given me a great opportunity to switch off, quieten my mind and unwind.

Mindful Mission

Spend an hour this week doing something you enjoyed when you were younger. Perhaps writing stories or poems, taking photos, dressing up, doing a jigsaw puzzle or colouring in. Allow yourself be in the moment by focusing on the activity and letting everything else fall away.

To wrap up this first Monthly Mindful Musings, I would like to share a few words which popped into my mind yesterday.

In the busy-ness of life, we’ve lost sight of the simple beauty in this world.

It struck me that I spent years overlooking beautiful colours and incredible nature and kind people and my healthy body. I'm so grateful that being mindful has widened my capacity to notice the simple things and appreciate them.

Mindfulness doesn’t mean restricting our minds to the moment- it means opening our minds to each moment’s potential. 

I hope you've enjoyed reading my mindful musings!