Mindfulness, Public Speaking and a Life-Changing Event: Part Two

Mindfulness and Public Speaking

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As soon as we arrived at the Seaside Sessions, we were greeted by a warm buzz of excitement.

The venue was beautiful, delicious food already adorned the tables and I was delighted to chat with the other speakers, Steph Demetrious, Amanda and Sarah from Wellineux and Kylie Anderson, as well as the gorgeous woman behind the event, Jess Thomas. 

The start time rolled around quickly and before I knew it, there were mere minutes before I would be standing in front of the wonderful guests, sharing my story about mindfulness. The nerves began to kick in and I ducked outside to take a few mindful moments.

Breathe. Notice a colour. Notice a sound. Notice my body. Breathe.

I repeated this mindful routine a few times as I wandered slowly down the footpath. My heart rate began to slow, my thoughts cleared and I sunk into the familiar feeling of being present and mindful. I walked back inside and introduced myself.

I'll never forget the shock of everyone's attention suddenly being on me. As an introvert, I naturally tend to avoid attention like this, especially in large groups. It felt surreal. The energy was palpable. Everyone was listening.

And my voice was the only sound.

I'll be honest and say that the actual talk was a blur. I remember friendly faces smiling at me and nodding as I shared my experiences of stress and discovery of mindfulness. I explained some of the benefits I'd noticed since beginning my mindfulness practice. I shared my favourite mindful tips and guided everyone through a short mindfulness practice. Somewhere along the way, I found my confidence. I tapped into my passion and I bared a little piece of my soul.

I'd also written a helpful mindful routine on my cue cards to help me stay grounded and calm. Whenever I looked at my cards, I was reminded to breathe, connect with the audience and feel sensations in my body. Doing these three simple things, I managed my nerves well and grew in confidence.

I never would have imagined that public speaking could feel so right. From being the girl in high school who could barely read a speech directly from paper without breaking down in a shaking, sweating, stammering mess, to proudly owning my message and sharing it with others, I couldn't have felt more empowered.

I said a heart-felt thank you and my talk was over... For about ten minutes, until I would repeat my talk upstairs with the other group of women!

Breathe. Notice a colour. Notice a sound. Notice my body. Breathe.

The second time around, I felt much more relaxed. I didn't even use my cue cards! I simply knew what I wanted to say and I said it. Again, the energy in my body and the room felt explosive to me and I tried to channel it into my passion as much as I could. I stopped to take a breath when I needed to and I let myself pause and think.

I am so grateful to have been part of this event. Not only was it a beautiful night, it showed me what I was capable of. I finally found that part of myself I always hoped I would find, the part of me which is not only able to talk in public, but is also excited about it! I left with a completely full heart and more passion than ever to keep doing what I do and helping people create meaningful mindfulness practices.