10 Minimalism Challenges to Help You Win at Decluttering

10 Minimalism Challenges To Help You Win At Decluttering

It’s springtime here in Melbourne, and I’m hugely feeling the call to declutter and minimalise.

I’ve been experimenting with minimalism over the last year or so, and I’ve found it really beneficial in a few different ways.

1.   I spend less money on impulse purchases I don’t really need

2.   My home is tidier and I have more space for the things I really value

I feel less influenced by consumerism

4.   I try to buy quality items which will last longer which means I take better care of them AND it’s better for the environment

5.   I feel less overwhelmed by cleaning and house-tasks

6.   It’s nice to know that people out there are enjoying things I wasn’t using or appreciating


I’ve collected some great minimalism challenges so you can experiment with decluttering, too! I recommend taking a look at each one, then choose your favourite and do your best to complete it.


Challenges for
Decluttering Your Home

These challenges are great for beginners as they include simple plans for decluttering in various places around the house. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, you could just focus on decluttering one room and see how it goes!

101 Items to Get Rid of Without Regret

DIY Home Organisation: A 30 Day Plan to Declutter Your Home

7-Day Konmari-Inspired Challenge for Beginners

25-Day Organisation Challenge


Challenges for
Decluttering Your Mind

If you would like to focus more on decluttering your mind, the below challenges are the ones for you! With steps like single-tasking, following a morning ritual, letting go of a goal and not opening social media apps until lunch time, these challenges will help you gain a clearer mind and create simpler habits in your everyday life.  

30-Day Minimalism Challenge

30 Day Mental Cleanse Challenge


Challenges for
Decluttering Your Wardrobe

If your wardrobe is getting a little out of control, then you might like to partake in a challenge specifically for downsizing the amount of clothes you have!

Closet Detox Cheat Sheet

A Minimalist Wardrobe in 5 Steps


Challenges for
Serious Minimalism
(not for the faint-hearted!)

Below are a few of the more “hard core” minimalism challenges, which are great if you’re serious about embracing minimalism and you’re not afraid to make some large culls!

Decluttering 2017 in 2017

30 & 60 Day Minimalism Challenges


A 14 Day Mindful
Minimalism Challenge

Finally, I thought I would create my own challenge for anyone who wants to incorporate minimalism in a mindful way!

Day 1:  Notice how it feels to donate something you don’t need anymore

Day 2:  Choose one cup to be your “mindful tea/coffee” cup

Day 3:  Practice gratitude for what you have

Day 4:  Save the money you would have spent on impulse purchases and use it for a mindful adventure

Day 5:  Pay attention to the different colours of your remaining clothes by colour-coordinating them

Day 6:  Focus on creating space, rather than filling space

Day 7:  Do a mindful colouring-in and throw away pens/textas which don’t work properly

Day 8:  Smell the different aromas of moisturisers/hair products etc as you choose what you will keep

Day 9:  Create a meal plan to minimise the amount of food waste

Day 10:  As you do the housework, notice the different sensations it creates in your body (such as warmth, stretching etc)

Day 11:  Clean/tidy one room at a time and notice how it changes

Day 12:  Rather than just throwing away old magazines, use them to create a vision board first

Day 13:  Sort through photographs and appreciate the different memories

Day 14:  Practice a breathing technique as you pack things to give away


Celebrating Your Goals
Celebrating Your Goals
10 Minimalism Challenges To Help You Win At Decluttering