My Birthday Bullet Journal 2017

My Birthday Bullet Journal 2017

One of the things I love about journaling is how it captures special moments in my life and the "future me" can look back and appreciate my experiences. 


Today, it's my birthday (hooray!) and so I decided to list as many things about my life right now that I could think of! I hope you enjoy reading this little snapshot as much as I enjoyed writing it.

A meaningful memory from today:

Going out for lunch at a great café with my wonderful colleagues

What I’m reading:

Unthink by Chris Paley

The last movie I watched:

P.S I Love You

Three things on my to-do list:

Take a bath, upload episode 83 of The Mindful Kind podcast and pack for our Sydney trip

One of my goals:

To meditate daily

The last podcast I listened to:

10% Happier with Dan Harris (episode 82 with Cory Muscara)

Something I’m proud of:

Moose being chosen for “pick of the pack” at his first dog training session last week!

And how hard I’ve worked on my business for the last year and a half to make a difference in the world

My favourite café:

Fingers Crossed in Mitcham

The last item of clothing I bought:

A blue chequered scarf

What I’m cooking for dinner tonight:

Minestrone soup with sourdough bread

The last yoga class I went to:

Humming Puppy Unified Hum last night (and I absolutely loved it!)

Something I do for fun:

Taking flatlay photographs and reading books

The last time I laughed:

When Moose was running towards me at the park while he was holding a huge pine cone!

Something I treasure:

Quality time with the people I love

My favourite aromas:

Lemongrass coconut oil soap from Urban Rituelle, Highest Potential Aromatic Body Mist from Combardis Elixirs, anything with vanilla and Litchi Tranquility candle from Cahaya Candles

My night routine:

Brush my teeth, jump in bed, journal about my favourite memories from the day, give Dec a kiss and listen to the Relax Melodies app to help me fall asleep

The last hug I received:

From my beautiful friend, Alyse!

Something I’m excited about:

Going to Sydney in two days, where we’ll be staying in a gorgeous Airbnb, visiting a new yoga studio, catching up with wonderful people, attending an awards night and going to a full day business masterclass

Three things I do to be creative:

Taking photos, meditating and writing blog posts

A new skill I’d like to learn:

How to knit

My favourite treat:

Anything from Pana Chocolate!

A few of my top values:

Love and compassion, creativity, integrity, health and being adventurous

A movie I’d like to watch:

Beauty and the Beast live action movie (again)

My favourite jewellery is:

The beautiful necklace my friend, Leah (from Sea Co Designs) made me for my birthday and the Pandora rings Dec bought me for my birthday three years ago

Something I could improve:

Spending less time on social media

The last tv show I watched:


A lesson I learned this year:

How important it is for me to organise fun catch-ups with my friends. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by kind-hearted, open-minded and supportive people and I’d like to prioritise spending more time with them

A flower I love:

Pink chrysanthemum

My favourite drinks:

Turmeric lattes, coffee and kombucha

Five things I’d love to do in the year ahead:

Try a new flavour of tea, get a massage, visit a state in Australia I haven’t been to before, teach Moose a new trick and create more video blogs. 

I'd love to hear from you! Choose a prompt and let me know your answer in the comments below:)