5 Simple Choices to Help You Live More Mindfully Today

Five Simple Choices to Help You Live More Mindfully Today

I understand what it feels like to have no idea how to start putting mindfulness in to practice!

Before I found my groove and created a habit which stuck, I wanted to know how I could practice mindfulness in simple, quick and meaningful ways. If you've been wondering the same thing, then this is the article for you! Discover five simple choices you can make to start living more mindfully (with ease!) today.

Number one:
Set your alarm two minutes early

With this simple choice, you give yourself the opportunity to practice a quick mindfulness practice from the warmth and comfort of your bed!
Three short meditations you can try include:

A Body Scan

Focus your attention on the tips of your toes and slowly, sweep your attention through the rest of your body. If you notice any areas of tension, take a deep breath and let it go, allowing that area to soften.

Be Aware of Your Senses

Take some time to tune in to each of your senses. For more details on how you can do this, click here and read my article about creating a mindful morning to inspire a mindful day!

Use a Breathing Technique

There is something so powerful about breathing techniques and I use several different ones daily. A simple and easy practice to use while you're lying in bed is to place one hand over your heart and one hand on your stomach. As you inhale, feel your breath filling up your body and as you exhale, feel your body deflate. For more inspiration, listen to this podcast episode called 'Breathe.'

Number two:
Turn off the television while you eat

Give yourself the opportunity to appreciate your food by freeing yourself from the distraction of the television. Make the conscious decision to turn off the telly and dive in to the experience of eating your food!

Simple tips for eating your food mindfully:

  • Chew slowly.

  • Notice different flavours, textures and temperatures.

  • Combine the food differently within each mouthful. For example, try each type of food separately and together in various ways.

  • Tune in to how your body feels and changes as you eat.

You can also check out this article about mindful eating for more ideas!

Number three:
Practice yin yoga

One of my daily self-care practices at the moment is to practice yin yoga (and I absolutely love it!). If you haven't tried it before, I recommend attending a couple of classes at a yoga studio to have the extra support and guidance. Take note of your favourite few positions and you'll be able to start using them from home! There are also apps and classes online which you can discover and use yourself.

Yin yoga is a blend of stretching and meditation and I really enjoy it because I can do it with my eyes closed, it improves the ways my body feels by softening tension and it's a beautiful way to unwind and relax.

I use a big cushion as a bolster, which adds to the experience with its softness, comfort and support.

Number four:
Go outside

Life is busy and it's easy to become swept up by all the things we feel like we have to do. Nurture your curious, grateful and positive side by making the simple choice to go outside, just for the fun of it! Soak up the sunshine for a few minutes, close your eyes and listen to all the different sounds, notice the tiny things happening in your garden or enjoy having a moment to yourself. It might seem like a small choice, but it gives you an opportunity to practice being mindful and break up the busy-ness of your day!

Number five:
Send a thoughtful message

One of the reasons why I've loved my journey with mindfulness is that it has given me more space and clarity to connect with my friends and family. Rather than forgetting to reach out, I now make conscious choices to send thoughtful messages to catch up, congratulate and check in.

Rather than feeling guilty because I've spent a few months in my shell, I feel empowered, supported and close to the people I care about.

Choose to connect with someone by sending them a thoughtful message and notice how it makes you feel!

Which choice will you be making to help you live more mindfully today?