The Best Journals for 2018 (With Fun Journaling Prompts + Powerful Tips!)

The Best Journals for 2018

The end of 2017 is quickly approaching and it’s a wonderful time to start thinking about our hopes, plans and intentions for 2018!

I always find that December passes by in a flash and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the rush and to-do lists.

One of my favourite ways to manage this is to sit down with a journal and a cup of tea, get all of my busy thoughts out of my head and onto paper and start setting some meaningful intentions for the end of the year (and the start of a new one!).

I’ve experimented with many different journals and so I thought I would create a blog post featuring all my favourite ones, including their best features and how they can be used. 


Saint Belford: 2018 Curation

I love Saint Belford's 2018 Curation journal for its simplicity and elegance and because the activities within its pages are really useful and relevant in daily life.

It encourages the writer to create meaningful habits, save money and work towards big dreams and goals. There’s also a great, little section for writing a bucket list!

One of my favourite features of this journal is the Guide to Starting the Conversation by R U OK. Communication is so important and I love that the journal not only acknowledges this, but also shares useful ideas for starting important conversations.

It’s also really brilliant that some of the profits from each journal sale actually go to R U OK and Beyond Blue to help support mental health.

Something else I really like about this journal is that it’s super durable! The covers are hard and the paper is high quality, so if your journals tend to get battered and well-used over the year, this would be a great journal for you.


Jo Chunyan: Intuition Journal Kit

The Intuition Journal Kit is absolutely beautiful includes prompts for creating morning and evening rituals, food planning, writing about gratitude, meditation journaling, and heaps more!

It’s all very beautifully designed and allows the writer to explore many different areas of life.

I love picking up this journal, flicking to a random page and discovering entirely new things to write about!

If you often find yourself getting bored with a regular journaling practice, then this is one I would recommend for you.


Moorea Seal: 52 Lists for Happiness

I like to pick up the 52 Lists for Happiness journal every Sunday evening to help put myself in a good mood for the end of the weekend!

It’s a simple idea, but a really powerful and meaningful one.

There are 52 different lists to create, such as:

-list all the little things that happened today that brought you joy

-list the ways you think someone you love would describe you

-list the ways you have invested in your happiness this year

It’s a very pretty journal and an easy one to fill in whenever you feel like it, so if you struggle to commit to a daily journaling practice, then this would be a great option for you!



Kikki K: A Sentence a Day

The Sentence a Day journal from Kikki K is another simple journal to use, which is great (especially if you’re time poor, or just starting a journaling practice!). At the end of each day, just write one sentence answering the prompt for that day, such as

-what are you most looking forward to tomorrow?

-what’s your favourite drink?

-sundays are for…

I also think it’s really cool that there is space to write your answer for three years, so you can see what changes from one year to the next!

For example (this is an excerpt from my own journal!):

September 19

What are your plans for this weekend?

2014 – Dec and I are going to Mount Beauty for Josh’s debutante ball

2015 – We’re picking up our little puppy, Moose!

2016 – Hosting my workshop! So excited!!

This is also the smallest of all the journals in this review, so it’s great if you travel a lot and need something easily portable.


Dailygreatness: Dailygreatness Journal

While Dailygreatness journal may be daunting for someone who doesn’t have much time to journal, it can be such a useful tool to guide you towards creating the life you want to live.

Each day, there is space for journaling in the morning (with different prompts such as “today is my opportunity to…, my inspired actions for today are…, today I am open to the possibility of…”) and in the evening (“what have I learned today?, what did I do really well today? and what challenged me today that I can grow from?”).

I think this journal is a lot of fun because it’s always changing and it teaches you wonderful skills for goal-setting, reflecting and self-growth.

There is also a weekly check in to review how things are going in your life and a weekly planner to help you set new goals, take action and complete projects.

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Natalie Fox: Gratitude Journal

This is a pretty and easy journal to use, however, I think it captures gratitude in a really lovely way.

Rather than just asking you to write about what you’re grateful for, this Gratitude Journal includes extra prompts, like:

-3 people I would like to thank

-my affirmation for the day is…

-the thing I’m most grateful for today is...

This is a softer and thinner journal, so it’s easy to carry around with you and it also has some fun, bonus journaling pages at the start and the end.

So, there you have some of the best journals to help you start 2018 feeling inspired, purposeful and creative! 


Fun Journaling Prompts

Another idea for journaling is to buy a blank notebook and simply use your own prompts!

Every night, I write down a few sentences about my favourite memories from the day, which helps me fall asleep feeling positive and also creates a lovely keepsake to read over.

Some other prompts you could try include:

I felt proud of myself today because…

I was mindful today when I…

Things I learned today were…

These were all the times I smiled today…


I’ve also collected a list of journals which look great, but I haven’t tried them yet myself! You might like to click the link and explore these journals yourself to see if they resonate.

2018 Artist of Life Workbook 

Emma Kate Co 2018 Planner

2018 Hello Peaceful Mind Planner

The Bujo Notebook

Edit: This article prompted a few lovely messages and comments from my community about their favourite journals and I really wanted to share the Mi Goals journals because they look wonderful and the prompts within include important topics, like purpose and goal-setting. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about all the best journals for 2018! If you have any other recommendations, I would love to hear them in the comments below:)

Best Journals for 2018