The Mindful Kind Book Launch Events

Racheal Kable The Mindful Kind Book Launch Events

In October 2017, I opened up my emails and saw one jumping out at me - “possible print book?”

Even as I was clicking on the email to open it, my mind was racing with “yes, yes, yes!” and I was smiling from ear to ear.

Katie, a wonderful publisher from ABC books, had been listening to episodes of my podcast about mindfulness (The Mindful Kind), which I’d been creating every week for the previous 2 years. She was interested in publishing a book about mindfulness and I was definitely keen to write one!

Over the next few weeks, I put together a proposal and a sample chapter, signed the contract, Googled “how to write a book” a few times and started writing.

If you would like to hear more about my writing journey, be sure to check out episode 164 of The Mindful Kind podcast. I answered questions such as:

What was my writing process like?

What was my favourite chapter (and why)?

What was the hardest part of writing the book?

How did I use mindfulness and meditation while I was writing the book?

In July, I submitted the manuscript and the editing process began. My editor, Maddy, was both helpful and kind and I’m very grateful to have had her support! Dec, my fiancé and an amazing photographer, took the photos for the covers of the book (back at home in my mum’s garden).

I’d also like to thank Helen from HarperCollins, who became my publisher during the 8 months while I was writing. I won’t forget going in to meet her for coffee on that beautiful day in Melbourne, feeling so overwhelmed with excitement to actually see her in person!

Over the next few months, the covers really came to life, the final manuscript was submitted, the gorgeous fonts were chosen and The Mindful Kind book was sent off to print.

In January 2019, I received my advance copies of The Mindful Kind book and you can watch the video of when I saw them for the first time on my Instagram here. Just click on my IGTV or watch the “My Book” highlights section.

In January, I also went to the Bolinda studio to record the audiobook version of The Mindful Kind. After two big days of recording and working with the fantastic team there, the audiobook was completed and Dec and I ate nachos at home that night to celebrate.

It still feels a little bit surreal to say it, but The Mindful Kind book was released on the 18th February 2019 and the audiobook was released on March 1st! It was such an exciting time and I’m incredibly grateful for all the kind support from friends and family, my wonderful book team, Dec and my amazing community. It was truly heart-warming to see people pre-ordering the book, posting about it, commenting on my photos and sending thoughtful messages!

You can learn more about The Mindful Kind book and grab your own copy here.


My first book launch event was at Robinson’s Bookshop (The Glen) and I’d like to say a huge thank you to the beautiful team there, as well as Jacqui, Lara and Michelle for all their help. If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend that you drop into Robinson’s to read a good book and enjoy a cup of coffee (and cake!). The store is absolutely stunning and the atmosphere is inviting, cosy, warm and relaxing. Keep scrolling down to see a few photos from the event, captured by Dec.

I’d also like to say a huge thank you to Steph Demetrious, who brought such an incredible energy to our live Q and A session! She read my book in the week before the launch, even with a newborn baby (who also attended the event and was absolutely gorgeous!), and had such lovely questions to ask about my book, the writing process and mindfulness. It was wonderful to share this experience with such a kind-hearted and talented soul, who also happens to be a beautiful friend.

Rachael Kable The Mindful Kind Book Launch
Rachael Kable The Mindful Kind Book Launch
Rachael Kable The Mindful Kind Book Launch

The second book launch event was held at the Tawonga South Newsagency in my hometown. The support from the incredible community there was palpable. I received lots of hugs from people I’ve known for such a long time and kind words from friends, previous colleagues and even a few lovely people I hadn’t met before. Particular thanks to Simone, Lynne and Amanda for everything they did to make the event so special. And thank you to Samson, the “shop dog” for some lovely cuddles! You can find a few photos from the day below, too.

Rachael Kable The Mindful Kind Book Launch
Rachael Kable The Mindful Kind Book Launch
Rachael Kable The Mindful Kind Book Launch

I’d just like to share one more story…

The night before my book was released (February 17th), my mum called me from the nursing home where she works to tell me that my Grandad was really excited because he’d seen an advertisement for my book on the tv. Dec, my brother and I all watched the ABC that night until the advertisement came back on (you can also see the video in my Instagram story highlights called “My Book”). It was really exciting:)

A few days later, I visited Grandad and showed him my book and he was really happy and kept telling me he’d been seeing the advertisement on tv.

I’ll always be holding those memories close to my heart as my Grandad passed away peacefully and surrounded by family a few days after my first book launch event. The day after his funeral, I was back in Mount Beauty for the second launch event. It was a tough week with so many emotional highs and lows and I’m beyond grateful for the support and love within my family, friends and community.

Thank you again to everyone who has been a part of my book journey - it’s been an amazing thing to do and I’m so happy I can share The Mindful Kind book with you.