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A Journey Into Mindfulness

Finding Fulfilment at Work



  A practical and meaningful eBook to help you become more mindful and find fulfilment at work

  A gorgeously designed fillable .PDF which you can print out or complete on your computer

  Journaling prompts

  A bonus goal-setting section

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Finding fulfilment, meaning and joy at work isn’t always easy.

You might feel overwhelmed by stress, disconnected from your purpose, frustrated or burnt out.

In this eBook, you’ll discover how to engage in amazing self-care, find new ways to be creative and productive, reconnect with your sense of fulfilment and set meaningful goals.

With 21 different topics and activities, helpful hints, my personal stories, journaling exercises and a bonus goal setting section, A Journey into Mindfulness: Finding Fulfilment at Work is here to guide you towards a happier working life.


I’ve read many ebooks on mindfulness to varying degrees of being ‘helpful’. Rachael has this special gift of just writing in such a relatable and non-preachy way. What I love is that her tips make you feel you CAN do this thing called mindfulness. I love that being mindful is easier than I thought and so much more achievable than I ever imagined. Gorgeous book- great information- super practical actions- incredible results. Buy this eBook!



Discover meaningful forms of self-care to help you prepare for your working day and unwind at night. You’ll find activities to create a morning routine, use breathing techniques, commute mindfully, and more.

  Creativity and Productivity
Ready to boost your working life with interesting activities designed to help you become more productive and have more fun? In this section, you’ll find out how to take mindful breaks, identify your intentions and create a positive working environment. You’ll also discover some ways to minimise the distraction of social media.

Now, we’ll deep dive into finding genuine fulfilment at work with activities such as exploring gratitude, creating a vision book and celebrating your achievements.

and more...

*price in AUD

Rachael Kable

About the Author

Rachael Kable 

A mindfulness and meditation teacher, writer and host of her top-rated podcast, The Mindful Kind. Having experienced stress and anxiety in her early years and learning to manage it with mindfulness techniques, Rachael became passionate about sharing mindfulness with her community.

- Bachelor of Psychological Science
- Graduate Certificate in Coaching and Counselling
- Advanced Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation

Start living more mindfully today!



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