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Good Morning



  5 relaxing, refreshing and energizing meditation tracks guided by meditation and mindfulness teacher, Rachael Kable.

  1 beautiful music track, created exclusively for this meditation album and designed to help you feel relaxed and uplifted.

  A gorgeous meditation journal to help you create more meaningful and positive mornings, and stay on track with your meditation goals.

*price in AUD


Starting each morning in a positive way will help you get out of bed feeling excited and set yourself up for a great day ahead.

However, it isn't always easy to take the time to engage in self-care in the mornings. You might feel rushed, overwhelmed, or unable to slow down because you might feel like you need to get started on your to-do list.

The Good Morning Meditation Album contains short ten minute meditations to easily be incoporated into your morning routines and help you create happier starts to your days. With 5 different meditations to choose from (depending on how you're feeling) combined with beautiful, uplifting music, the Good Morning Meditation Album is here to help you start each day in a meaningful way.

If you’re ready to start your mornings feeling energized, postive and uplifted, then this is the meditation album for you.



  You want to…
start each day feeling refreshed, energized, relaxed and positive.

  You’ve been…
feeling rushed, overwhelmed and tired before the day has even really begun.

  You tend to…
forget about taking time for yourself in the morning to set yourself up for a great day.

  You're ready to…
carve out at least 10 minutes in the morning to do a meditation.

Each meditation track on this album (apart from the music track) is fully guided, with time to become present and grounded, a body scan or grounding and short periods of time for you to practice the meditation techniques yourself.


*price in AUD

"I love the Good Morning meditations and I love writing how I feel in the journal afterwards as it definitely quietens my mind and body. Simple and effective and short enough that there is really no excuse! Rachael has a very calming voice and the music is so beautiful and peaceful."

- Nicole G




  The Meditations
Each meditation track is 10 minutes long and guided by Rachael Kable, with beautiful background music created by Declan O'Leary. You’ll also receive a beautiful 10-minute music track to help you unwind without words. Altogether, this album will give you one full hour of good morning meditation goodness.

  The Journal
The meditation journal contains questions to help you choose the right meditation each morning based on how you want to feel.
You'll discover meaningful journaling prompts to help you find new ways to create positive and uplifting mornings.
There are helpful descriptions and tips for each meditation so you can get the most out of them and you'll also find a meditation tracker to help you create a consistent meditation practice.


How does it work?

1: Shortly after you purchase the album, you’ll receive an email with the link to download the album (including the music track) and the PDF Meditation Journal. Please note the file will be “zipped” - a Mac computer should open them automatically and if using a PC, click here for simple “unzipping” instructions.

2: Click the downloaded files and save them somewhere safe.

3: Read through the Meditation Journal, sit down somewhere quiet, pop on your headphones and press play on your chosen meditation track. Please note that it’s best to listen via headphones!

4: Use the Meditation Journal to document your experiences and to develop a regular meditation habit.

Please note: this is an instant download, not a cd. You will receive the link to download via email shortly after you purchase this meditation album.

Have any questions? No problems! Feel free to send Rachael an email at


Self-Compassion Meditation Album

See what my lovely community is saying about my first meditation album…

"Rachael's self-compassion meditation album is the perfect tool to start being a bit kinder to yourself. Rachael has a really calming voice and I especially loved that each track begins with a body scan to ease you into the meditation and ensure that you are present before starting to practice self-compassion. I can't wait for her future albums!"


"When I sat down and listened to the self-compassion album, it really helped me realise how much stress I had been feeling. I think it also helped me sleep better as I've had a lot of trouble sleeping lately! Thank you and I hope you make more tracks soon!"

- Kerrily J

"I'm really loving the self-compassion meditation album! I use it every single day and it has become a part of my daily self-care."

- Zarina F

Rachael Kable


Rachael Kable 

A mindfulness and meditation teacher, writer and host of her top-rated podcast, The Mindful Kind. Having experienced stress and anxiety in her early years and learning to manage it with mindfulness techniques, Rachael became passionate about sharing mindfulness with her community.

- Bachelor of Psychological Science
- Graduate Certificate in Coaching and Counselling
- Advanced Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation

Start living more mindfully today!



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