Seven Ways to Relieve Stress

The Mindful Kind Episode 159 Seven Ways to Relieve Stress Rachael Kable

Hello and welcome to episode 159 of The Mindful Kind podcast. 

In this episode, discover 7 simple ways to relieve stress quickly, including:

1: Use a deep breathing technique, such as relaxing the body and releasing tension with each exhale

2: Talk to someone supportive

3: Spend time in nature

4: Be self-compassionate - head to to get your copy of my self-compassion meditation album

5: Write in a journal

6: Do a body scan - check out episode 150 to hear this technique in full!

7: Listen to relaxing music, such as the Peaceful Piano playlist on Spotify.

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I hope you have a wonderful week, Mindful Kind. 

The Mindful Kind 7 Ways to Relieve Stress Rachael Kable