How to Turn A Bad Day Around

The Mindful Kind-How-To-Turn-A-Bad-Day-Around Rachael Kable

Hello and welcome to episode 180 of The Mindful Kind podcast!

In this episode, I've talked all about a recent experience of mine where a stressful morning turned into a wonderful day. 

Because I often struggle to turn a tough day around, I thought I would do a little research and share some tips for this so we can work on this together!

Tip 1 // Exercise - get your body moving and enjoy some endorphins (I'll be aiming to get out of bed earlier so I can be more consistent with this!). 

Tip 2 // Notice negative thoughts and gently challenge them (in a self-compassionate way). 

Tip 3 // Practise mindfulness, meditation and self-care. Make the time to look after your wellbeing - even if it's just a few minutes! 

Thank you so much for listening and I hope you have a wonderful week, Mindful Kind. 


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