The Happy Later Fantasy


Hello and welcome to episode 189 of The Mindful Kind podcast. 

In this episode, I've shared my thoughts on a struggle I used to experience regularly, which I call the "Happy Later Fantasy". 

When I was indulging the "Happy Later Fantasy" I was escaping my reality (because I felt like it wasn't good enough) to picture my "perfect future" and all the happiness I would feel one day. 

The problems with doing this on a regular basis?

  1. I was practicing the opposite of gratitude by focusing on all the things I didn't like in my life

  2. I wasn't taking responsibility for finding happiness in my daily life - I was just waiting for it to magically appear once I achieved certain things.

Here are 3 tips to stop indulging in the "Happy Later Fantasy":

  • Be more mindful and appreciate the meaningful moments in your daily life

  • Deliberately create happiness by engaging in hobbies and self-care, spending time with loved ones and exercising regularly

  • Let go of pressuring yourself to have a "perfect" future

Thank you so much for listening and I hope you have a wonderful week, Mindful Kind.

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