Positive Spaces and Mindfulness

The Mindful Kind

In episode 68 of The Mindful Kind podcast, discover more about creating and finding positive spaces and how to use those spaces mindfully. 

Acknowledge the positive things about your home and what you can be thankful for and also set goals for creating more positive spaces in the future!

Learn a little bit about Maslow's hierarchy of needs and what it means for us in creating safe and positive spaces. 

Think about how you can find or visit more positive spaces!

How to use positive spaces mindfully:

// Tune into your senses to become more present in your environment 

// Take some deep breaths as you enter your positive space and use breathing techniques for the duration of your time there

// Introduce mindfulness tools and techniques to your positive space and remove anything would could distract you or perpetuate feelings of stress

I hope you have a wonderful week, Mindful Kind!

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