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Welcome to episode 90 of The Mindful Kind podcast and the first episode of the new mini-series about life balance!

The first activity in this episode is the Wheel of Life exercise (originally created by Paul Meyer). You can easily download a template online, or create your own!

  • Brainstorm your most important life areas

  • Draw a circle and divide it into sections (like a pizza)- approximately 6-10 slices

  • Label the slices with life areas, such as relationships, self-care, work, finances etc

  • Colour in the slices depending on how satisfied you are with the corresponding life areas

Set goals based on your Wheel of Life to bring more balance into your life. For more inspiration about goal setting, listen to episodes 81-86 of The Mindful Kind podcast. 

Life Balance Quote Rachael Kable

Remember that life balance isn't necessarily about splitting time equally! Being mindful can help us spend more quality time on our important life areas, while helping us realise when things have fallen out of balance. 

You can also journal to gain new perspectives on the balance in your life. 

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I hope you have a wonderful week, Mindful Kind. 


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