Fun and Interesting Goal-Setting Tips

The mindful Kind

Discover fun and interesting ways to set and work towards achieving your goals in episode 83 of The Mindful Kind podcast (and episode 3 of the Goal-Setting mini-series!). 

Tip 1 // Use an app to help you stay on track with your goals, such as the Balanced app. 

Tip 2 // Read a book about goals, such as The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte! This book encourages you and guides you to create goals based on how you want to feel. 

Tip 3 // Write down your "average perfect day" and use these notes to set realistic and meaningful goals. For example, if your average perfect day includes journaling, then set an achievable goal to bring more journaling into your life. 

Tip 4 // Create a bucket list and use this as inspiration to set goals, perhaps, using the SMART framework, or by using an app, or making a vision board. 

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