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A Journey Into Mindfulness

Your 21 Day Guide



  A simple and meaningful eBook filled with Rachael’s favourite daily mindfulness practices, personal stories and fun activities

  A beautifully designed fillable .PDF so you can print it out or complete it on your computer

  Journaling prompts

  An exclusive interview from The Mindful Kind Interview Series

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Starting a regular mindfulness practice (and actually sticking with it!) can be challenging.

You might feel unsure where to begin, overwhelmed by the different techniques, or unable to create an ongoing mindfulness practice.

My eBook, A Journey into Mindfulness: Your 21 Day Guide, is here to make things easy for you.

Each day, you’ll discover a new mindfulness practice to try with simple instructions and meaningful activities.

With over 40 pages of mindfulness tips, journaling prompts, my personal experiences with mindfulness and fun activities, this eBook has been carefully created to guide and support you on your mindfulness journey.

A gorgeous eBook written with so much intention, passion and authenticity - you can just feel Rach’s love leap off the page as you read each word. With daily practical activities and tips, I found this eBook to be an absolute gamechanger in the development of my own mindfulness practice.



  Mindful Walking
Ready to go on seven different mindful walks? These simple mindfulness techniques can be easily integrated into everyday life, whether you’re just walking to your mailbox or hiking a mountain.

  Nourishing Your Body
Curious about mindful eating? In this chapter, you’ll find seven mindfulness activities to help you consume your food and drinks more mindfully. You’ll also discover an awesome mindful meal planning guide!

  Mindful Listening
Keen to take your relationships to the next level while building your mindfulness practice? Find out how to interact mindfully with others and also mindfully listen to yourself, nature and social media.

and more...

*price in AUD

Rachael Kable

About the Author

Rachael Kable 

A mindfulness and meditation teacher, writer and host of her top-rated podcast, The Mindful Kind. Having experienced stress and anxiety in her early years and learning to manage it with mindfulness techniques, Rachael became passionate about sharing mindfulness with her community.

- Bachelor of Psychological Science
- Graduate Certificate in Coaching and Counselling
- Advanced Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation

Start living more mindfully today!



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