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I'm Rachael

Mindfulness mentor, award-winning blogger and host of The Mindful Kind podcast (and video blog!), with a big dream to empower people around the world to live more mindfully in fun, simple and meaningful ways!


The Mindful kind Podcast

This is the second episode of my new mini-series about outlooks on life. In episode 113 of The Mindful Kind we will cover the pros and cons of being a pessimistic person! 

The Mindful Kind Video Blog

Check out the latest episode of The Mindful Kind Video Blog! Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel to stay up to date.


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On the blog

Curious to learn even more about mindfulness? On my blog, you'll discover a wealth of interesting, meaningful and personal pieces about living a more mindful life! From reviews and resources, to stories and insights, be inspired by all things mindful and find new ways of bringing mindfulness into your own life. Find the archives here or check out the latest posts below. 



Discover a 7-Day Mindful Christmas Challenge, with fun and simple activities and the opportunity to join a like-minded and supportive community during the holiday season. 


This is the wrap up blog post for the Communication mini-series of The Mindful Kind podcast, featuring all seven episodes and a FREE 20-page workbook! 


Read all about the best journals to inspire you and help you kick off 2018 with intention and purpose! You'll also discover some fun journaling prompts and powerful tips:) 

Blog Awards...

Find out more about the Bupa Blog Awards and the moment I found out my blog had won! Also read about my blogging journey...

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It’s so refreshing to hear helpful stories, inspiration, tips and ideas put so simply and with such love and honesty. I always feel a better, more uplifted person for having listened. Thank you!
— the Mindful Kind Listener