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Mindfulness mentor, blogger and host of The Mindful Kind podcast, with a big dream to empower people around the world to live more mindfully in fun, simple and meaningful ways!


Rachael & Moose

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The Mindful Kind Podcast

Discover two types of mindsets and how they could be impacting your resilience in this third instalment of The Resilience Series! Plus, you'll hear why I've had to work on my mindset, an interesting study on mindsets in children and my top tips for cultivating greater resilience by changing your mindset. 


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On the blog

Curious to learn even more about mindfulness? On my blog, you'll discover a wealth of interesting, meaningful and personal pieces about living a more mindful life! From reviews and resources, to stories and insights, be inspired by all things mindful and find new ways of bringing mindfulness into your own life. Find the archives here or check out the latest posts below. 


Mindfulness and Relationships...

Learn seven powerful tips to help you share your mindfulness journey with your loved ones, even if they don't quite "get it."

Mindfulness tips...

An epic post describing 101 different ways we can be more mindful in everyday life! Have a look, choose your favourites and start implementing them to help you live more mindfully today.

Positivity and mindfulness...

Follow the simple tips and strategies in this post to welcome more mindfulness and positivity into your own life. You can also subscribe to receive a free workbook with activities and journalling prompts!


Discover five simple and inspiring ways to use a blank journal, from creating a beautiful recipe book to making a special keepsake filled with all your favourite memories. 

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It’s so refreshing to hear helpful stories, inspiration, tips and ideas put so simply and with such love and honesty. I always feel a better, more uplifted person for having listened. Thank you!
— the Mindful Kind Listener