I'm Rachael. 

Mindfulness mentor, blogger and host of The Mindful Kind podcast, with a big dream to empower people around the world to to live more mindfully in fun, simple and meaningful ways!

Do you know your life could be better?

Let me tell you something- so did I. 

Several years ago, I was doing my absolute best to be the person I wanted to be. I was going through the motions of what I believed to be a good life- studying to become a psychologist, working hard at my jobs, going to the gym, eating healthy, building relationships. 

But on the inside, I felt like I was barely keeping it together. Long nights of over-planning and worry left me exhausted. I drank to make myself numb. I picked fights with those close to me because I was frustrated by my inability to communicate effectively. Stress was my norm and it kicked in every morning, before I even opened my eyes. 

I was waiting for the next big thing to "fix" me; a holiday, a new job, getting married, buying a house. 

Then, I discovered mindfulness and I slowly realised that


I had so much more power than I thought I did. 

I could actually calm myself down in stressful situations and keep my thoughts more present. 

I could fall asleep at night with ease (trust me, I never imagined that could even be possible!). 

I could listen to my thoughts and emotions and be honest with my loved ones, rather than withdraw and shut down. 

I could even face my fears of public speaking!

Learning to live more mindfully has given me so many opportunities to grow.

And when I started sharing my stories and mindfulness techniques, I began hearing from people around the world about how I'd helped them make positive changes in their lives, too. 

I am so thankful I found this beautiful podcast as it has sparked an interest in mindfulness which has positively impacted my life in so many different ways.
— The Mindful Kind Listener
Rachael has shown me that I can become mindful at any time that I want to, or need to, and that has made a big difference to my understanding of how mindfulness can help me live a better life.”
— The Mindful Kind Challenge Participant
Rachael helps me approach each day in the office with a more positive attitude and with the skills to be proactive and mindful in difficult situations.
— The Mindful Kind Listener
I left (Rachael’s workshop) feeling totally inspired and have already put some of the breathing techniques into use during my yoga practice.
— Alyse Lennox, Workshop Guest
The daily challenges Rachael shares along with stories from her own personal journey make mindfulness accessible to anyone who is looking to begin their own practice and experience happiness and calm in their daily life.
— Rachel Gadiel, eBook reader

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I truly do believe that mindfulness has the potential to change your life in positive and meaningful ways, and I'm here to guide and support you throughout this exciting journey.

So, welcome! I hope this is just the beginning for us. 

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