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Rachael Kable is the vibrant and warm-hearted creator of The Mindful Kind podcast.

Described by her listeners as “genuine, down-to-earth and encouraging”, Rachael is passionate about empowering people around the world to live more mindfully in fun, simple and meaningful ways.



With a Bachelor of Psychological Science, Certificate in Coaching and Counselling and experience as a Helpline volunteer on the Anxiety Recovery Centre, Rachael embarked on her blogging and podcasting journey in late 2015.

Hoping to share her personal stories and experiences with mindfulness, including how mindful living helped her manage stress and improve her wellbeing, Rachael’s passion and knowledge attracted listeners and readers from all over the world.


I am so thankful I found this beautiful podcast as it has sparked an interest in mindfulness which has positively impacted my life in so many different ways.


Within a month, The Mindful Kind podcast had reached number 7 in the Australian iTunes charts and number 31 in the British iTunes charts, while receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews. In July 2019, The Mindful Kind reached 4 million downloads and continues to reach new people around the world.

Rachael’s articles have been featured on The Huffington Post, Mindbodygreen, Tiny Buddha, The New York Times and more, and she’s been interviewed on numerous podcasts, including Intention, The Slow Home, The Lavendaire Lifestyle and The Wellness Café.

2017 Bupa Blog Awards Winner_Wellbeing Rachael Kable

Rachael was thrilled to receive the Bupa Wellbeing Award in the 2017 Bupa Blog Awards. She's particularly grateful to all her wonderful community, who take the time to read and share her articles and supported her throughout the voting period! 


Rachael helps me approach each day in the office with a more positive attitude and with the skills to be proactive and mindful in difficult situations.


With an Advanced Certificate in Meditation and creating multiple mindfulness resources for her community, including online workshops and The Mindful Kind Video Blog, Rachael continues sharing her mindfulness journey and inspiring others to live more mindfully, too.

You can connect with Rachael via Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest and subscribe to her Youtube channel.

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