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I am so excited to be able to personally create these resources to help guide and nurture your journey into mindfulness! 

The Mindful Kind

A fun and practical book to help you reduce stress and implement mindfulness into all areas of your life.

Relaxation Meditation Album
+ Journal

This Relaxation meditation album will help you unwind and de-stress after a long day.

Self-Compassion Meditation Album
+ Journal

This meditation album was designed to help you cultivate self-compassion and develop a better relationship with yourself.

Good Morning Meditation Album
+ Journal

I created the Good Morning meditation album to help you have an energising, positive and uplifting start to your day.


Your Twenty One Day Guide:
A Journey into Mindfulness

A simple and meaningful eBook filled with Rachael’s favourite daily mindfulness practices, personal stories and fun activities.

Finding Fulfilment at Work:
A Journey Into Mindfulness

In this eBook, you’ll discover how to engage in amazing self-care, find new ways to be creative and productive, reconnect with your sense of fulfilment and set meaningful goals.