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Rachael’s Blog 


Mindfulness Tips & Practices

I started using mindfulness techniques to manage stress and create a more intentional life. Here, you will discover many different mindfulness tips and practices you can easily apply yourself!

Self-Care & Self-Love

Self-care is the foundation for a happy life and better wellbeing. Discover practical ideas, helpful tools and simple tips to invite more self-care and self-love into your life.

Meditation Techniques & Resources

Meditation was something I struggled with for a long time. I’m here to teach you as much as I can about meditation, including the benefits of it, different types of meditation and how to create a consistent practice.

Anxiety & Stress Management

Having experienced stress and anxiety for many years, stress management is a topic I love to talk about so I can break down some of the stigma surrounding it and empower people with helpful strategies and techniques.

Journaling & Creativity

Journaling is an activity I do nearly every day - it helps me stay on track with my goals and habits, reflect and record meaningful memories.

Minimalism & Simple Living

Simple living is wonderful for many reasons - it helps reduce overwhelm, allows us to reconnect with meaningful things and encourages us to focus on what’s really important.

Personal Posts & Experiences

Read my personal posts about travel, meditation, journaling, and more!