Using Mindfulness to Find More Fulfilment at Work

Using Mindfulness to Find More Fulfilment at Work

Did you know that over your lifetime you could spend approximately 90,000 hours at work, yet a study discovered only 13% of people worldwide actually enjoy going to work?

Like so many, I didn't enjoy my work- no matter what I did.

Over several years, I changed jobs multiple times from hospitality, to nannying, to retail, to a desk job, to owning my own business and working from home. Each time, I hoped I would fall in love with my new job and find the fulfilment I was desperately searching for.

Finally, I realised something had to change, but it wasn't my job. It was me.

Mindfulness has completely revolutionised the way I work. Before I began implementing mindfulness at work, I was caught up in counting down time until the working day would end, distracting myself with my phone during the commute and my lunch breaks, stressing about going back to work when I was at home and taking my frustration out on the people I love. I complained constantly and wished things were different, but I felt completely lost.

Mindfulness has shown me how to find fulfilment at work and become part of that small 13% of people who genuinely enjoy working! And in my latest eBook, I'm sharing everything I know to help you enjoy your work, too.

make work work for you

From developing supportive self-care practices to tapping into creativity and productivity, 'A Journey into Mindfulness: Finding Fulfilment at Work' is ready to guide you towards discovering your purpose and feeling fulfilled at work.

Create a mindful morning routine, take energising mindful breaks, celebrate your achievements, use social media to your advantage and so much more during this fun and meaningful journey with mindfulness.

This eBook shares more insights into my own experiences with stress, burn out and mindfulness and provides an interactive experience with reflective questions, useful tips, brainstorming sections and simple step-by-step instructions, which can all be filled out by simply clicking on the boxes within the eBook or by printing it out to fill in by hand.

This beautiful and inspiring eBook concludes with a bonus goal setting section, to help you reflect and set realistic and powerful goals for being more mindful at work!

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You deserve to spend the rest of your working life feeling more fulfilled, inspired, creative and productive!

Together, let's raise the number of people who actually enjoy going to work by introducing meaningful mindfulness practices into our lives.