How to be Productive When You Feel Drained


Hello and welcome to episode 177 of The Mindful Kind podcast about how to be productive when you feel drained. 

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First of all, you'll hear about the two things I prioritise when I'm feeling drained; self-care and my podcast (which is the most important part of my work). 

You'll also discover my favourite productivity tips, including:

  • Delete social media apps from your phone

  • Keep a list of your favourite self-care activities to do when you feel drained

  • Use apps which help you be productive (I like Forest and MinimaList)

  • Keep a "dream" to-do list and a "realistic" to-do list

  • Take mindful breaks. You can learn more about this in my article:

At the end of the episode, I'll also guide you through a short mindfulness technique.

Thank you for listening and I hope you have a wonderful week, Mindful Kind.